For some time now I have been extremely excited by the thought of hooking people up in a romantic relationship. I don`t know why but thinking of two people who I think would go well together just gets me so excited !!!!!! (Amongst the million other things that get me excited) I love assessing and analysing all the different components of one person and trying to figure out who would make a good compliment for them. Finally now I can actually test out some of my hypotheses of who I think would make a good couple. (rubs hands mischievously) .

Now that I`ve started doing video interviews and other types of videos, there is a great opportunity for me to merge the videos with my desire to play matchmaker: I`m going to have my own dating show !!!!! Cue excitement !!!



I`m still fleshing out the details but here`s what I know so far: For each show I will select either a male or female who I will be trying to find a romantic interest for. I will then select 3 persons who could be a potential match for them. Throughout the show we will go through some questions and based on how each of the three persons answers those questions, the bachelor or bachelorette will have to decide which person they would like to go out with .



January , 2018 .  ( Sign up for my newsletter or like my facebook page for updates ).



24- 45



Yes ???!!!! Then sign up using the form below. If I think you would be great for the show I will get in contact with you and we will go from there !!!!   By signing up you are just letting me know that it`s something you are interested in and if I contact you we can discuss it further. No obligations. If you sign up and then decide you` re not interested anymore that`s totally okay !!!! But if you have even the slightest interest and think it could be something fun- go ahead and sign up !!!! Let` s do it !!!!!




Let`s make a match !!!!!


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UPDATED : Wednesday 24th January, 2018


Hi Guys !!!!! So I have to update you on the Dating Show that I announced I would be doing some months ago in 2017. The update is that I will be putting off the dating show indefinitely. I know that is not what many people would have wanted to hear and I hope that it is not too disappointing news .


I have decided to put off the show for two reasons. One is based on resources. Basically to do the kind of show that I want to do on the scale that I want to do it and have it be a quality production, it is going to cost a lot of money and I don`t have the resources to make it happen.


The other reason is as I thought about it more I realised that if I am doing a dating show I want to be clear on what the aim of the show is. Of course it will be about having fun, because that`s what I`m about, but I need to put more thought into it and be clearer on what I want to be the outcome of the show to be, for the participants and the viewers.


For those two reasons I have decide to put a pause on the show indefinitely. I hope this does not make you guys too sad and I hope I have not let you down too much. However I do plan to have some relationship themed interviews in the coming months and if you are following me on my facebook page you will see updates about it in the coming months.


I`m really sorry to not deliver on what I promised. Hope you can forgive me and my over excitable nature sometimes. Love you !!!!!!