Writing a book is quite an undertaking involving the know-how of different professionals in the book publishing field. Trying to write a book by yourself can be a daunting task, but “many hands make light work”. That`s why I`m inviting you to join me on this journey to work as a collective. Let`s accomplish our goals together. 

My Book Creation Group starts in February and here`s how you will benefit from being part of the group: 

1.    Monthly Writer Sessions/Masterminds 
2.    Accountability checks to help you stay on track
3.    Sharing of book creation tools and resources
4.    Resource sourcing and pricing to assist your publishing process
5.    Community of persons to be your cheerleaders 
6.    Book promotion interview (Online. But in person will be considered. To be executed before the end of 2023.) 

Duration : February to September, 2022
Cost : $200TT/month
Group Size : 7

(Please note: I am referring to Non-fiction books – Memoir, Self-Help, Business. )

If you are ready to write your book and you want to be part of this group, send me a message by clicking the button below and let`s get you inside. If you want more information, also click the button the below and send me a message. Looking forward to working with you.