Win Some of My Favourite Makeup Products


Hello my lovelies. For 2018 I am going to giveaway a “Makeup capsule” of some of my favourite makeup products. If you have been reading my blogs you would already know which products I love and you won`t be surprised to see them here.

I`m super excited to give away some of my favourite products to you guys and I would love to know what you think about them. I am going to give away several of these capsules throughout the year so subscribe to my newsletter if you want  a chance to be the lucky recipient of one of these Makeup Capsules !

But don`t think these will be the only giveaways for 2018 ! Oh noooo !!!!! We will have many more giveaways during the year ! But as I said , if you want a chance to win, you have to stay tuned in !!! Be sure to like the facebook page so you always know when a giveaway is happening !!!!!

And as the they  say in “Hunger Games”. May the odds be ever in your favour. lolololololol. If you want a chance to win the makeup capsule join the newsletter below.