Win Some of My Favourite Makeup Products


Hello my lovelies. For 2018 I am going to giveaway a “Makeup capsule” of some of my favourite makeup products. If you have been reading my blogs you would already know which products I love and you won`t be surprised to see them here.

I`m super excited to give away some of my favourite products to you guys and I would love to know what you think about them. I am going to give away several of these capsules throughout the year so subscribe to my newsletter if you want  a chance to be the lucky recipient of one of these Makeup Capsules !




Black Eyeliner. A must for everyday wear to define and emphasize the eyes. For eyeliner, a simple one will do, this affordable one by Jordana is richly pigmented and twist up for “no sharpener” convenience. I keep one of these in my handbag.


Lip Liner . I have been using this liner for about a year now and it`s one of my Holy Grail Products. The most natural lip colour on me and the formula is not too drying, and not too opaque.



Blush Palette : For those days when you want some extra colour. Full disclosure I haven`t tried this palette (I plan to try this out on my channel soon though !) , but I wanted to include a blush in the capsule and this seems like a nice mix of colours so that there would be something for everybody.


Mascara: Mascara is a MUST for me. I like my lashes long and feathery. This Mascara does the trick. Makes lashes longer and more voluminous but they still look natural. I use the waterproof version but for the capsule I used the normal formula.



Lipstick …. to complete the look. This has been my absolute favourite lipstick for the last year. It`s just the most natural pinkish brown that just evens out my lip colour and gives the lips a lovely polish. And I` m really a fan of the Milani Lipstick formula.



Because I use makeup so sparingly, this capsule could easily last me 6 months, but for someone who goes a little heavier it may last 3 months. Either way, you have a lovely capsule to create a “Natural Look” for at least a few months !  I can`t wait to see who wins this !!!!!




As the they  say in “Hunger Games”. May the odds be ever in your favour. lolololololol. If you want a chance to win the makeup capsule join the newsletter below and look out for the entry form !