Have you fainted as yet ? LOL. YESSSSSSSSSS, I am giving away Makeup from Fenty`s Galaxy Collection. I am not sure exactly which products will be in the giveaway, BUT , the eye shadow palette will DEFINITELY be in the giveaway.

This Giveaway is going to super fun , DUH because it`s FENTY, but also because it will be part of my online Launch Event of my Youtube Channel.

On January 1st 2018 I am going to be doing a live video with you guys for the launch of my youtube channel and I am Hella excited !!!!! (but you guys are used to that now right ??!!!! )



  1. My Youtube Channel will go live on Saturday 30th December, 2017 .
  2. You have to subscribe to my channel either on Saturday 30th December, 2017 or Sunday 31st December, 2017  AND  leave a comment under one the videos including the hashtag #shannagiveaway .   (Leave as many comments as you want under as many videos as you want). Subscribers after Sunday 31st December, 2017 midnight will not eligible for the giveaway.
  3. RSVP and Watch my  live launch video on Monday 1st January, 2017 . If you are selected and I call your name during the live video but you are not watching the live stream, I will pick someone else to receive the prize.

And as always  – GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!! 





You guys know I love a Poll Right? So I am considering adding some lipsticks to the giveaway but I wanted to know which colours you guys like the most. If you could only get one lip product from the HyperGlitz Lipstick Collection and the Cosmic Gloss Collection , which ones would you pick ?


Let me know below !!!!!!

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM : Gravity, Sci-Fly, $upanova, Supermoon
FROM TOP TO BOTTOM : Gravity, Sci-Fly, $upanova, Supermoon


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Gal on the Moon, Plutonic Relationship, Spacesuit, Astro-Naughty