Do you feel tired, burnt out and frazzled most of the time ? Do you feel that you have lots of goals you want to achieve but it seems impossible to actually achieve them? Do you feel trapped in a cycle of doing the same energy sucking activities every day and not moving closer to your dreams ? Do you feel bombarded and overwhelmed by work  responsibilities, trying to maintain a social life, trying to stay healthy and being there for your family too? I felt like this for YEARS ! I remember just a few years ago feeling like I had so many things I wanted to achieve, feeling hopeless and thinking that I would never be able to accomplish them. I felt like a failure , and over time I felt more and more like a failure and felt more and more hopeless about the possibility of living a life I actually enjoyed. Honestly, there was no way I could go on living in that increasingly negative cycle. Thankfully, after much searching and praying, I was able to find tools and resources to turn my life around.


A LOT OF THINGS. I was desparate for my life to be different. Saying that it was a matter of life and death would not be an overstatement. So  I started to look for people that could help me. I found Business Coaches, Life Coaches,  Mentors, Support Groups, Personal Development Books. I researched, I asked questions, I did courses and eventually things started to shift. Eventually I started to see the light and make progress in terms of my mindset and my goals. But let me tell you, it was a process. It did not happen over night. I am still in process and probably will be until I die. But I believe over the last few years I have gained some truly life changing insights and discovered some really transformational awarenesses that I think can help you find more peace, joy and success no matter what your goals are .

What would it mean to you to be able to stop feeling like you are constantly stressed and under pressure, and start feeling a deep abiding sense of calm, peace and joy every single day? Would you want that?


Why ? Because it makes me feel good to help people. I want to show you the :

  • Books
  • People
  • Resources
  • Tools

I have used and continue to use to help me feel me feel fulfilled and successful every day. I want to help you stress less, feel more peaceful and grounded, and experience a baseline level of joy every day.


I believe that many people feel stressed these days due to several reasons – overwork, over stimulation, a barrage of things constantly vying for your attention and the “obligation” to always be “connected” and “available”.

While many of us may daydream about packing up everything and moving to the countryside, for many people this just may not be a possibility, or easily executable. And actually I think deep down we DON`T want to discard our entire lives, we just want it to be a little less crazy and a little – or a lot- more enjoyable. I think there are ways to achieve this. I think there are things one can do within his or her every day life to achieve the peace and groundedness that only seems attainable by moving to the forest. LOL.

In my Live Video Session with you guys on Saturday 27th April, I`m going to share with you some of the modifications I made to my lifestyle that have brought me more peace of mind and effectiveness.


I am also going to share some business processes that have helped me grow my brand online. I have realised that many people are interested in what I have been doing online with The Ashanna Channel and are curious about different aspects of what I do. From website building, to content creation, to what equipment I use, to branding. So this video training is an opportunity for me to answer any of the questions you may have about what I am doing and see what can work for you !



  • Thing I always do – Habits to Unleash my Highest Potential
  • Exercises to keep my body energized and flexible
  • Content I listen to help keep me grounded, positive and expansive
  • Things I never do – Time Wasters I have eliminated to give me more time to focus on what`s important
  • The various ways I have simplified my life


  • Business tools I for efficiency
  • How I create content quickly
  • Email management
  • How I get paid online
  • Website costs
  • Tools I use to create videos
  • Service Providers I rely on


The course is tailored to YOU .

When you register and pay  you will get to :

  • Vote on a list of topics for the Video Training and let me know which questions are most important to you. (This vote will be open to everyone who signs up for training)
  • Send me ONE question (via email) about anything you want and I will personally respond within 48 hours .
  • Submit ONE SPECIFIC question you want me to answer during the video training .



If you don`t find the training beneficial, let me know within 48 Hours of the course content being released and you will receive a full refund within 30 days !


DATE : Saturday 27th April, 2019

TIME : 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

COST : $300 TTD

EARLY BIRD PRICE : $150 TTD Pay by Friday 19th April

REGISTRATION CLOSES : Thursday 25th April, 2019 @ 5:00pm

Ready to Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Experience More Joy, Be More Productive and Accelerate Towards Your Goals ? If you are READY , sign up below ! If you have questions contact me here and I will respond within 24 Hours. Can`t wait to share what I` ve learnt with you !