If you have been following my Facebook page, you would have realised that beginning in February of this year, I have been doing Live Interviews every Sunday. They have been going really well and I am happy to say I plan on continuing this for the balance of 2018.

So each month for  the next few months, we will be focusing on one interviewee for that month. In February we did Personal and Professional Development with Dawn Richards, in March we did Self Care with Sky and Simpliu Day Spa (We had so many amazing spa giveaways)  and in the month of April we will be focusing on  Life Transformation with Arnold Best.





Arnold Best is an expert in human behavioral patterns, a certified NLP practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and a trusted advisor to many business owners and Individuals  based in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Columbia, London, Japan, Philadelphia and of course his home, Trinidad and Tobago.

His passion to coach and develop emerging leaders was honed after spending over twenty years in the sales Industry and was given the opportunity to attend one of the Worlds’s #1 Peak Performance Coach Tony Robbins seminars in Orlando, Florida in 2009.  After understanding the concept of Tony Robbins training and seeing how it successfully impacted his own life, he decided to enroll himself in Tony Robbins Mastery Program, where he earned his Certification in Life Coaching.  Subsequently, he furthered his studies at the American University of NLP and became a Certified Master Life Coach.





I invite you to join me every Sunday in April at 10:00am (AST) winning-1529402_1920on my facebook page to chat with Arnold about how you can live your best life in every aspect. We will be discussing Overcoming Fear, Mindsets that Prevent Success, How to have a Great Relationship and more. Two of the Sundays in April will be dedicated to fielding  your questions on improving your life. I invite you to submit your question/s to Arnold. Whatever aspect of your life that you want advice on, write it in the form below and let`s overcome it together !!!!  Looking forward to seeing you in April !!!!!!