I`m sorry

I am writing this post as an acknowledgement of a situation in which I have faltered. I decided to write this post because many of you follow me online and hold me in high regard. For this, I am grateful and therefore feel compelled to maintain my authenticity. Truth is something that I regard dearly as a guiding principle.

Even as I use my platform as a channel to help others’ optimize their lives, I am also learning. Sometimes the journey is tougher than we anticipate. In the recent past, I made a significant personal mistake that was at odds with the values for which I stand as an individual and my spiritual beliefs. This made me realise that I was under more pressure than I initially thought, during a somewhat challenging period.

The mistake that I made is that I was involved for a short time, with a man who was married. I put a stop to it and ended it because I knew it was wrong. It was a moment of weakness and I take responsibility for my error.

I believe that God knows that in my heart I am sorry for my actions. I know some persons may be disappointed by my actions and I understand that you will make decisions about how you relate to me. I know that actions have consequences. For those persons who are able to forgive me I truly appreciate it.

I am grateful for the persons in my inner circle, who have been supporting me even though I have faltered.

I am committed to doing better, being better and to living in a way that reflects my values and the values that should guide our humanity towards each other.

To everyone reading this, I acknowledge my error, I apologize publicly for my private actions and I am continuing the work to live in the way that I know is correct.

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