SPONSORED POST: No More Renovation Nightmares

This is a sponsored post by Decor Ectera Ltd. – a team of small space interior designers that can customize any small residential space around the Caribbean. To find our more about Decor Ectera see their profile at the bottom of this article.


So you are ready for a new look or more space and thinking of renovating your home. Major or Minor?  All house renovations, depending on your needs don’t have to be major. But whether major or minor renovations, just hearing the word renovation gives the thoughts of dirt, discomfort, stress, and expense.  99.9%, it is just a miserable experience from start to finish but the end result is amazing!

Over the years we have found that following these 3 simple steps help to remove the stress and nightmares of renovations: 

  1. Never start a renovation if you are not prepared mentally, physically or financially. You must have a renovation mindset, the ability to be moving around things and the finance to get the job done.  If for some reason, you are not prepared for those 3 ‘llys’ then do small cosmetic changes to rooms instead – change paint color, install new window treatment, install new counter top, buy a piece of new furniture. You will be surprised the difference those little changes can make.
  2. Know the changes you want to make and document them to avoid forgetting anything.  Think about all the changes you want including the little things like window and door placement, corridor (if any) width, electrical outlets, light switches in the right places, traffic flow, etc. You will waste time and money if you try to make those changes after your renovations. Always start thinking of renovation changes in steps from flooring, walls, roof/ceiling, lighting, furniture.
  3. When documenting your changes, always consider your lifestyle – do you like chunky or slim furniture pieces, what type of traffic flow you prefer to get to rooms; do you entertain regularly; do you need extra storage? Remember functionality is key in any space.

You see one of the biggest mistakes many home owners make before they jump into a renovation is having no written plan or no documentation of the plans that they desire. This can lead to a huge waste of time, money and resources and yes can even cause nightmares!
Well no more. Follow our simple tips above to start your renovation process and then contact us so we can help you take it one step further.


Décor Ectera Ltd., is an interior design business known as the big design in small space experts. Our niche – small square footage homes. We help modern families, career professionals and home owners within the Caribbean create spaces that are functional and visually appealing. Through full residential and e-design services, we show our clients how small spaces don’t have to be a design challenge.

Utilizing the elements of design, we demonstrate how a well-designed space can be achieved without massive square footage. We love creating a modern tropical mood for our clients! Seeing clients happy and relaxed in their new design space is so rewarding. Contact us to find out how we can take all of your design dreams, your unique style and customize a plan to fit your space.

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