The LIVE Returns in One Month

I`m excited to let you know that Season 2 of Interviews with Ashanna will be starting in just about one month. I have been putting a lot into the preparation for this Season to make it as IMPACTFUL as possible.

I also have some new people on the team and I am planning to have you guys meet them at some point so we can all be one big happy family. LOLOL.


Here`s what you need to know :

  • The 2019 Season of Interviews starts on Sunday 17th March, 2019, mark it on your calendar !
  • Live Interviews will be every other Sunday. (But don`t worry , I am planning to share a Pre-recorded Video Clip with you on the “off” Sundays)
  • Each Live Interview will be from 3:00pm to 4:00pm.


A clip from Season 1 where Arnold Best shares an important insight about relationships.

Above is a clip from the 2018 Season of Interviews with Ashanna. If you`ve been watching the show for a while now and you think it has been adding value to your life, why not become a patron of the show. Click the button below to support the show. Going forward I would like patrons of the show to have a bigger input in the content I create so I` m looking forward to getting you guys more involved. Become a patron and let` s make the world better together !

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