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What Is Freedom

First I think I would like to give you a description of what I see as Freedom in this context. The “Freedom” that I am speaking about in this post is the ability to live your life in a way that does not feel that it makes you compromise the essence of who  you are on the deepest level. It is an awesome feeling. And there are other benefits too !…

One of the best side effects for me of being free has been less suffering. When I say “suffering” here I mean it in the emotional and psychological context. Having found a deeper level of freedom, I have found that I do not attach to things in the way I would have before and I therefore suffer a huge deal less. It does not mean that I do not suffer at all, but a lot of unnecessary suffering has been abated and it has left a lot more space for peace and joy. When I say attachment I can draw an example I think many people will be able to relate to….like holding on to a relationship that is not making you happy because you are attached to the idea of being in a relationship, or attached to that specific person.

Further to that, in my experience, I do not think it is possible to attain anything in the world that you desire in a real way without first becoming “free”. Neither true “happiness” nor “success” I think can be attained unless you have freed your soul.

Why It is Hard to Free Yourself

I think perhaps the hardest part of being free is being alone. Being a human being is a job that requires company, and to be free is to risk not having company ever again. It can be a big ask, and it`s an understandable fear.

But if you never take that step you will end up in a never ending cycle of bondage, and as paradoxical as it may seem, you will have company, but you will still feel alone.

When you take steps to be free, at first it will feel weird. Without the usual crutches, you may feel unsure of yourself, and afraid of your aloneness. But freedom, like other habits, is something you have to practise. Over time you will get better and better at it, a new you will emerge, and there will be people who love you like this.



How to Free Yourself

STEP 1 : Be Prepared – it`s hard.

STEP 2: Take responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life. (Yes EVERYTHING, remember I said it was hard)


…even things that seem like they couldn`t possibly be your fault. Like your partner cheating on you for example. If you are used to blaming other persons, dig deeper to see how you could have contributed to the situation unfolding the way it did. You may not like your co-workers, but see if you can see them in a different light and genuinely try to have a better attitude towards them and see if something doesn` t shift.

An easier exercise if you are trying to be free is to stop complaining. I invite you to try for the entire next week, to not complain about ANYTHING. Each day, refrain from complaining, then make a note at the end of each day of how that day went. At the end of the week, notice if you think refraining from complaining had any impact on the quality of your days. I would love to know how this exercise goes for you. Post a comment under this post after you do the exercise (if you remember, lolol)

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