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Become Unstoppable: Answer THIS QUESTION

The Question That Will Make You Unstoppable

In my last blog post I spoke about a trait you need in order to be successful. That trait was relentlessness. I ended the last blog post by saying that in order for you to become relentless you have to be able to answer a particular question. This question is a one word question: “WHY?” . Why do I want to achieve this thing that I want to achieve?

Keep Digging Till You Find Your CORE

Now this may seem like a very simple question. But if you want to be truly relentless you have to ask this question in a really deep way. You can’t ask this question in a surface level way and give a surface answer like “I want to get a better job because I want to make more money”.  To unlock your power, and your innate relentlessness, you have to answer this question at the deepest level of your being. You have to figure out what it is that you NEED to do…..the thing that if you didn`t do it, you would DIE.

That may seem a bit extreme to you, and honestly if it does seem extreme to you then that is also an answer in and of itself. If questioning a goal or desire to that level of depth feels extreme to you,  there is no need to try to take the answer further or try to fabricate an answer to try to prove anything. You just need to go with the answer that is true for you. Maybe you THINK you want to achieve this big gigantic goal, but maybe deep down in your being, you don`t really want to, and it` s not worth that much to you. Maybe you are actually quite happy where you are right now. And that`s OKAY ! The most important thing is that you feel happy with where you are, regardless of how it looks to other people.

Uncovering Your Power

But if there’s something big and burning and large and incessant in your soul that will not leave you alone then you need to ask the question “Why” and keep asking the question why until you get to the answer that can’t go any deeper. Then something magical will happen when you keep asking that question of the innermost part of yourself…..when you keep asking and answering that question until you hit the Seat of Your Soul….

You will find that you naturally embody the trait that I outlined in the previous blog post: relentlessness. You will not have to engineer anything, you will not have to work extremely hard at it, it will naturally become an outpouring of yourself because without being relentless about that thing that you want to do, you will die. You will die an inner death and that will sap the life out of you.

Do the “WHY” Process Now

Check out this Video that explains the “Why” process and see how the narrator uses it to distill his purpose. Then do this for your own life. See what interesting things you learn about yourself and what innately motivates you. I highly recommend that you take 20 minutes to ground yourself and get still before you do this exercise so you can really listen to yourself and get the maximum benefit from this activity. I hope that this activity is beneficial for you ! Press the “LIKE” button at the end of this post if you enjoyed this article and let me know in the comments if you learnt anything really amazing after doing this exercise.

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  1. All true. I’m reacquainting myself with the process once again. It’s so crucial to revisit this at different stages in your life.

  2. I found this to be really helpful, thank you for sharing!

  3. Hi Alissa ! Your comment made me soooo happy !!! I`m really glad you found this beneficial. Are those your Golden Retrievers? They are so bbbeeauuuttiifffuuull !!!!!!

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