The Ashanna Channel – 2018 Year in Review

Youtube Channel Launch

We started 2018 off with a Bang ! My Youtube Channel Launch was celebrated with a Live Stream filled with giveaway goodies. That was a rollicking good time. Thank you guys so much for the love and support that you have shown me over the last year and a half.  I gave away a Fenty Beauty Galaxy Palette, Two Items from my Apparel Line, a Kylie Lip Kit and a Smashbox Lip set. Soon after, I released additional interviews on my Channel. Interviews with :

  • Darcel De Vlugt – Bridal Wear Designer
  • Kathryn Nurse- Founder of Luxury Beauty Brand “Immortelle Beauty”
  • Dawn Richards- Founder of DRA Consulting (and my mummy )
  • Karen & Kathy Norman – Founders of K2K Alliance Carnival Band.

If you have missed any of these interviews for 2018, now is your time to catch up ! lolol. Make sure to subscribe to the channel if you have not done so as yet ! You don`t want to miss what I have in store for the upcoming season.


What can I say about the giveaways for 2018 ! It was a movie !!! Hahahahhaha. You guys decided to nickname me the “Giveaway Fairy”. lololol. I aint mad. The giveaways started with the Youtube Launch and continued throughout the year ending with the Christmas Giveaways I did in December. And in between that, we gave away a lot of stuff !!!! Even mummy got into it and added an awesome giveaway for you guys. From the Carnival Monday wear, to Sephora and Victoria Secret Products, to an Eyebrow Microblading Giveaway (won in epic fashion by Live faithful Sky) the Giveaways were lots of fun. Melina even took some lovely pictures for me of the meet up I had to deliver all the prizes to the Giveaway Winners from the New York episode of the Live. See all the beautiful winners here.


Do you guys know that I did 35 interviews for 2018 ? We started off with a treasure trove of life wisdom from Mummy, and then continued with more hard hitting advice with one of you guys` favourites: Arnold Best. I know many of you really learnt a lot from the lives with Mummy, as well as the Lives with Arnold. We talked Carnival Monday wear with Kimberly Tobias, we learnt about Makeup Brushes with Make Up Artist Sakura, we explored the dynamics of moving to a different country with Stylist Stephanie Ramlogan and we ended the 2018 Season with Juliet Martine from Australia. Juliet showed us how to have a better Career, Relationships and Life in general . Oh and I can` t forget we also had a Horse make a guest appearance on the Live. Lol ! Which interviews were your favourites?

Year for Love Charity Event

Freetown Collective Performing “Space for a Heart” at the Year For Love Charity Event

I hosted two events in September as part of my “Year For Love” Weekend. If you didn’t come or tune in you missed out. One of my Favourite Bands of ALL TIME, Freetown Collective, did a special acoustic performance which was just so magical and intimate. – you can see one of the songs they performed in the video above. We also did a Live Streamed Yoga Class as part of the Charity Event; the yoga class took place before the Freetown Performance. It was amazing!!!! And I am happy to say that we were able to raise $2,000 TTD through that event, which was donated to the Healing with Horses Organization in Tobago. Thank you to everyone that came out ! The second part of the Year for Love Event was the Remote Live Interview I did with Juliet from Australia that I mentioned above. Since the theme of the Weekend was “Year For Love” , my interview with Juliet centred around “Self Love” and how it impacts all the different areas of our life. I hope you enjoyed what The Ashanna Channel had to offer this year, and I am looking forward to having more fun with you in 2019 !

Do you want to see bonus clips of the Interviews I did this year? Then Join my club and get access to Behind the Scenes footage. Depending on what Level of membership you take, you will also get immediate access to two of my courses: “Make Your Own Merchandise” and “Fix Your Finances” . Get in the club, get all the goodies, make your life better. 

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