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I`m sharing this article because I realise that a lot of people are interested in improving their finances.

I did a poll about a week ago asking persons which aspect of their lives they would like to improve most right now, and finances won by a landslide.

Additionally, I think people are particularly interested in the notion of passive income streams and making money online, so I decided to share with you how I made my first few dollars online. By no means am I rich or am I an online monetization guru. But I do understand some of the basics and I think the information that I have to share can help you with your first steps as well.

The platform that I`m going to talk about in this article is Patreon.

If you already know about Patreon, this article may not be of much use to you. If this is something you want to find out more about, read on to hear about the foundation steps of monetizing my online platform.


How did I get my first Supporter on Patreon?


Patreon is an online platform that makes it easy for creators to get monetary support online from persons who like their work.


  1. The first dollar I made through Patreon was through a method that is very popular with online stores at the moment- I had a giveaway. The giveaway item was sponsored and the promotion was positioned in the following way: “The next person to become my patron will win this giveaway”.


  1. The next promotion that I had for my Patreon that was successful was done by collaborating with a service provider to extend a discount to persons who were my Patrons.


I`m still in the baby stages of making money online but those are how I got my first two patrons.  Once persons become your patrons and pledge to support you, the idea is that they will be pledging a certain amount of money to you over a period of time. You can set up your account so that persons can pledge monthly, OR every time you create a new piece of content


Do you want to set up an online presence and start making money online?

Here`s what I recommend:

  1. Pick a Medium. Figure out whether you want to share written articles, audio recordings (podcasts) or videos.
  2. Get a Credit Card or Debit Card that works online if you don`t have one already.
  3. Pick an angle. Pick an area of focus that you are really good at or really passionate about.
  4. Create consistently. Publish content consistently for AT LEAST 6 months. Whether you are publishing once a week or once every two weeks, make sure to stay consistent.
  5. Set up your Patreon Account.
  6. Ask your audience to support you on Patreon after 6 months of consistent content. (You can ask before that if you sense that you have traction with your audience and the time is right).


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