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Another Saturday another blog post. Last weekend I shared with you my favourite Beauty Products of 2018. This week I am sharing with you my favourite Makeup Products of 2018. As I mentioned previously I am really at a stage where I am all about finding a few products that I truly LOVE and sticking with them and appreciating them deeply. So if you see some products in this post that are a repeat of what you`ve seen previously, don ` t be surprised. Just take it as testament to these awesome products !

Without further ado, here we go. And of course, I would love to know in the comments if you have tried any of these products and agree with me, or if you will be trying any of them out.



An oldie but a goodie ! For those of you who`ve been watching my videos since 2017, this Foundation has been getting honourable mention since my first Live Interview with Mo Martin. The main reason I am so impressed with this foundation is the wear time. You have to give props to products that actually do what they say they are going to do ! lolol. Put this baby on in the morning, and watch it stay on your face till you are ready to take it off in the evening. I can` t say that it`s the best foundation ever in terms of texture of the liquid because I honestly haven  ` t tried that many foundations (I think I` ve only ever tried two other foundations) . But this one does the job well. Especially when I use it with this Elf Prep and Hydrate Balm.



I can`t highlight my Revlon foundation without highlighting the applicator that` s been helping to give me flawless results. I was using a normal makeup sponge with my foundation up to the early part of this year, but in my New York Haul I decided to purchase this Foundation Brush. I didn`t understand how a brush would give better results than a sponge but somehow it does ! It`s so nice when things surprise you in a pleasant way ! I don ` t understand the physics of what makes this makeup brush work as well as it does, but it works like a dream. This magical trio of the Elf Balm, the Revlon Foundation and this Blurring Brush, have taken my foundation game to a whole new level and my face looks silky smooth like never before. If you use liquid foundation I highly recommend this brush for application.



This is another product I bought while in New York. I have been wanting to try this product for a while because I am obsessed with length when it comes to lashes . Some persons like curl, some persons like volume, I like length. This mascara definitely lives up to it`s name of making your lashes look longer. It is about 20% less effective than I want it to be in terms of separating the lashes, but it` s not enough for me to not really like this mascara. And as I mentioned to you last year, I am not going to use non waterproof mascara ever again. ahahaha.  So I got the waterproof version, and I can say it is definitely 100% waterproof which is an essential quality of mascara for me now. I highly recommend this mascara if you are looking for length.



I don`t feel like I have to go on too much about this lipstick because by now you guys must be thinking this is the only lipstick I own. DED.  I will just explain succinctly for the purpose of this post, that Milani Colour Statement lipstick is one of my favourite lipsticks, even better than some luxury brands I have tried. And the colour Teddy Bare as I have told you before is the perfect nude for my complexion. This was a re-purchase, and I` m eager to see if I am going to repurchase it again (that will be impressive ) or if I`m going to switch it up for some excitement. If you want to understand the homage that I pay to this lipstick check out my first ever makeup post here.



A third New York Purchase – I obviously made some good choices in New York. Lololol. This lipstick gets honourable mention because I LOVE IT. The only reason why it doesn`t get the FULL mention is because I have not been using it for the entire year. I only started using it a week ago as the Milani lipstick is finishing and the two lipsticks are pretty close in colour. So I` m not sure I can call it a “Best of 2018” product. But I LOVE this lipstick so much, starting from the packaging (to die for) , continuing to the beautiful colour and the smooth texture. Everything on point ! (*Thinks*….I need to get more H&M makeup in the future )


Tell me in the comments which of these items you`re interested in ! 














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