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Hi there !!!!! How are you doing ? In this post I am sharing with you a new change I made to my Membership Club that I`m really excited about. Read on to see what the new addition is and how you will benefit from being a part of it !

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If you did not already know, I have a Membership Club in the form of a Patreon Account, check it out here. I have recently added a new tier to my Patreon and in this post I’m going to tell you all about it!

A few weeks ago I was so jazzed about the idea of creating a really cool membership level where all the people who have been tuning in to my videos and interviews since day one could get some awesome rewards and get to be a really big part of my show going forward.

A place where I could give you the first look at everything I had coming up, get your feedback, and give you some really interesting and awesome goodies.

So I came up with the idea to create a new level of my club called; Founding Member. When you go to the Patreon page, and you look to the right of the page, you will see all the different membership Tiers listed and their costs.

I’m still deciding how many persons I would like to be in the Founding Member Tier but I plan for it to be a fixed number of persons so I will be able to maintain a high level of rewards for the persons at this tier.



So what do you get as a Founding Member of the Shanna club?

So much stuff   !!!!

In addition to bonus footage that is available from the preceding Membership Tiers (Like this video ), you also get:

  1. Some of my Courses FREE, Starting with – Financial Abundance Course 
  2. Discount on some of my future online products .
  3. Shout out on my Show
  4. Opportunities to appear on my Show (Limited spots)
  5. Discounts on items from service providers I collaborate with
  6. Access to a Special online store with products only available to founding members


It’s going to be so awesome !!!!!

To all of you who have been supporting the show since day one I did this especially with you in mind.

Do you have any ideas of what would be a cool element to add to the Founding Member Tier?

Leave your suggestion in the comments so I can consider adding it to the list of rewards.  Looking forward to seeing you in the club!




When you join the FOUNDING MEMBER TIER !




 If you find that you struggle with money, this course is basically the first step to getting your money mindset right, which is the foundation of achieving all your financial goals. You can`t make the money you want to make if you don`t get your mindset correct to enable that change in belief and change in productive action that will get you closer to your vision. In the course, Manifestation Coach Juliet Martine revelas the core beliefs and concepts that you need to understand if you want to start building wealth.


Cost on the Website: $45 USD. Join the Founding Member Monthly Membership Tier at $15 USD and get the course immediately ! What are you waiting for? 


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