This article is an Affiliate Post in Collaboration with Cylo Tracking. I will receive a commission from purchases made using the Code I provide in this post.


Hello beauties,

Hope you are doing well. This post is a collaboration with the company : Cylo Tracking. Cylo Tracking sells affordable and easy to use tracking devices for a person or a vehicle.



In this post, I will be telling you :

  • What the product is
  • How it Works/Product Features
  • How it can benefit you
  • How you can get a discount on this product


So let`s get into it !!!!! Firstly, I`m going to break down the basics of what a tracking device is in the very unlikely case that you don` t already know.

A tracking device is a small gadgetΒ  (in this case it is pocket sized) that uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to track the location and/or movement of whatever it is attached to; it may be attached to a person, vehicle, or other moving transport , eg boat.



  1. Purchase the Device from Cylo Tracking
  2. Install the Cylo Tracking App on your phone
  3. Affix the device to your vehicle/ a person
  4. Start tracking !



Anytime Monitoring

I`ll use the Personal Tracker ( as opposed to the Vehicle Tracker) here as an example. Say someone has the personal tracker on them. Once the tracker has been activated, you can find its coordinates, and hence the coordinates of the person,Β  at any time by logging into the Tracking App or using the Tracking Website. You can also see the speed at which the device is moving, and the amount of battery power the device has.


Call for Help in An Emergency

The tracking device has an SOS button. If someone is in an emergency situation, they can press the button to call and text the number that is programmed into the device. For example, if you are a parent, and your child has the device, the device can be programmed to call and text you if the button is pressed.



  • Geo location information
  • Traveling speed of device
  • SOS call button
  • Twenty (20) minute 2 – way conversation capability
  • Stealth mode audio monitoring capability
  • Rechargeable using an electric socket


Benefits of the Device

  1. Know Where Your Child Is At All Times
  2. Keep track of your vehicle
  3. Safety device for hiking
  4. Keep track of your elderly parents and relatives
  5. Safety device for tourists

and more ! See the Cylo Tracking website for even more uses of the this easy to use tracking device.




Personal Tracker

  • Device Cost : $399
  • Annual Service Fee : $600
  • DISCOUNT CODE: Use the code SHANNASQUAD to get $100 dollars off each device you purchase.

Download Product Flyer


Vehicle Tracker

  • Device Cost- Standard : $199
  • Device Cost- Premium : $599
  • Annual Service Fee : $600
  • DISCOUNT CODE: Use the code SHANNASQUAD to get $100 dollars off each device you purchase.

Download Product Flyer


HOW TO USE THE CODE: If you are interested in this product and decide to speak with Cylo Tracking for more information, mention the PROMO code to the representative you speak with. Please note: The Code can only be used when you purchase the device through the CYLO TRACKING Website. So if you get more information and decide that you want to purchase the device, you will be directed to make the purchase using the website, and that is where you will utilise the code to claim the discount.


Want to find out more? Check out the Cylo Tracking website : or call them at 228-2385 OR Submit a question below and I would happy to get more information for you !




Do you have any questions about the device? Β Send your questions using this form so I can update you with more information. (Please indicate whether you would mind if the Company contacted you or not.)








CYLO Tracking is sponsoring a Giveaway of a Personal Tracker with a 3 month trial period! Interested in trying out this device? Fill out the form below to enter the Giveaway !Β  The winner will be announced Live on my Facebook Page on Sunday 18th November, 2018. (You have to be watching to win the prize. )





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