Hello my lovelies. How are you guys doing !!!

I know I haven`t posted a blog article for a while and I`m super excited to share with you again. And what`s even better…..I come bearing gifts !!!!!

This post is to share with you something very exciting that I think many of you will appreciate. I have launched my first Video Course on my website !!!! Eeeeeppp!! A lot earlier than I planned but everything just kind of came together naturally and resulted in a really cool training video.



For those of you who follow me on my facebook page, you know I had a Weekend of Events in September (well it actually turned out to be two events even though I planned three because weather forced me to cancel one). One of those events was an interview with the joyful and bright Juliet Martine. Juliet is an Energy Healer, Author and Manifestation Coach and I was really excited because it was my first remote interview. Juliet did the interview with me all the way from Australia !

Check out the interview here. So before I did the interview with Juliet, I did a poll on my facebook page asking people what topics they were particularly interested in. (The options were Finance, Career, Romantic Relationships, Relationships in General) . The obvious majority voted for finances. Taking this into account, I asked Juliet a lot of questions focused on Finances and she spoke in depth about it during the interview.

She went so in depth about the topic of Finances that I realized that the information she touched on could have seriously enlightening benefits for a lot of people.



So, I decided to do a video course based on what she shared. In the interview I asked Juliet several questions about Money which included :

  • Is there a relationship between Self Love and Money?
  • What three things would you have someone do if they wanted to improve their financial situation?

Juliet`s answers were really instructive. I felt richer just talking to her and I think this information can be beneficial to so many people !  Check out an excerpt from the Video here :






So I am very excited to present to you this Video Training Course entitled “Fix Your Finances”. (Turn Your Life Around in Twenty Minutes) .  If you find that you struggle with money, this course is basically the first step to getting your money mindset right, which is the foundation of everything. You can`t make the money you want to make if you don`  t get your mindset correct to enable that change in circumstance. Juliet delves into the core beliefs and concepts that you need to understand if you want to start building wealth.


Here are some excerpts of what Juliet says during the video:


“We`re not here to struggle. If we`re struggling on any level, be it in our financial relationship, if we`re struggling in our love relationships, if we`re struggling in our relationship with our body we`re not standing in the fullness of who we are. We`re resisting ourselves in some way.”


“The connection between money and self love is the way that we value ourselves.”


“What is wealth? Wealth is money coming in and staying here, not coming in and going out the back door equally fast. And that`s a common thing when I`m working with clients. They say the money is coming in but the moment the money comes an unexpected bill comes . “You know I have a car accident and I have to pay the money to have the car repaired. I just don`t seem to be able to hold on to money.” That`s not the cashflow part that`s the wealth accumulation .”


Sounds juicy right?? Want to find out more about the course? Check out the Course by clicking the button below. I`m so excited to share this with you and I hope you seize the opportunity if you know this is something you need in your life right now !





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