Three Quotes on Love

As you guys know, my Year For Love Weekend of Events is happening in a few weeks time in September. In my blog post last week I told you all about it. This week, I thought I would ruminate on this word “Love”. Ever notice how when you think about a word too much it loses its meaning ? Anyway, for this post I found three interesting and insightful quotes on Love.

Sometimes I like to meditate of lovely quotes like these……..



Did you like any of these quotes ? Let me know. And of course check out my Love Collection which has merchandise with some of my personal quotes about Love, including “LOVE = FREEDOM” and “It is impossible not to be loved” . And I think the right way to end this post is to say that I love you. Looking forward to your comments !!!!





2 comments on “Three Quotes on Love

  1. Hmmmm… “there is always some madness in love” you got that right. I always believe love is given and not expecting anything in return.

    • Hi Noella ! I agree with you 100 % ” Love gives of itself freely and wants nothing in return ” . If only I could master this ! Work in progress.

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