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Three Books That Changed My Life

Hi Guys !!!!!! How are you doing ?? Hope you are well. So excited to share this blog post with you ! I have seen several bloggers write posts about books that impacted them and it`s inspired me to do the same. I have decided to share with you all some books that have had a major impact on my life in the last few years. I selected three books and I `m going to speak about how each of them helped me. Let me know if any of these books look interesting to you and if you will buy any of them.

BOOK 1 :  The Heart of the Soul

What it did for me : Made me Whole

Overview :

The Heart of the Soul is a magical book that helped me understand and deal with my emotions and be  more in control of myself. I don`t know how I managed to pick up this book but I guess my heart and soul needed some attention.

Looking back at this book in writing this post, I noticed that I have highlighted about half of the book. Every page has something deeply insightful that touched me and opened me up to whole new concepts.

The focus of the book is Emotional Awareness. It talks about how emotions are energy in motion moving through your body. The book goes on to explain how different emotions indicate to you how energy is moving through your body and how to change how the energy is processed and therefore experience more positive emotions.

It explores themes of

  • Anger
  • Workaholism
  • Perfectionism
  • Boredom
  • Idol Workship
  • Entitlement   ……..and more.

Get this book if :

  1. You want to take control of your life
  2. You want to feel more happiness
  3. You want to feel more freedom
  4. You want to be able to control your emotions and experience less negative and more positive emotions

Nugget of Wisdom :

“Stress is the consequence of resistance. It is not caused by circumstances in your life. It is not caused by the painful emotions you experience either. It is caused by your resistance to your life. It is possible for you to encounter a wide variety of circumstances , but it is your resistance to those circumstances that causes stress.”

BOOK 2 : The Millionaire Within Us

What it did for me : Opened my mind to the belief that I could be a Millionaire (And More)


What grabbed my attention in this book is the way it started.  In the foreword of the book the author was talking about her journey. She spoke about her process from being poor and depressed to becoming a wealthy person.

To give the readers an idea of what that transition was like, she shared a journal entry from when she was in the depths of her despair. The journal entry read:

I am dying

I cannot go back to work. I have been here for three years and I have lost my life. Each night, when the alarm goes off at ten, startling me out of dreams of sunshine, white knights and laughter from childhood books. Tears run out the corners of my raw red eyes as reality envelopes me.”

Later in the book she goes on to show how pure obsession with changing her life leads her to become a millionaire. The way she clearly illuminated the depths of her despair from which she rose to the amazing turnaround is utterly convincing that anyone can do it.

The energy of this book exploded my brain onto a new more solid platform of belief that riches could be mine.

Get this book if :

  1. There is some dream or idea you want to pursue
  2. You want to make more money
  3. You want to increase your belief in yourself

Nugget of Wisdom:

“Wake up thinking about what you want. Lay there for ten minutes doing nothing but showing your brain what you want to experience for the day.”

BOOK 3 : The Rules Do Not Apply

What it did for me : It freed me


As sad as this book was at different  moments ; the author suffered a miscarriage, lost her spouse and lost her house in one fell swoop,  it was also immensely liberating.

At 37, the author, who was married at the time, decided to get pregnant via a sperm donor. She got pregnant, but at 5 months on a trip to Mongolia, she miscarried and gave birth to a baby boy by herself in a hotel room, a boy who only lived for a few minutes.

When the author returned from her trip her marriage unraveled and she also had to give up her house. So much of what she “had” was now “lost”. The grief she experiences is crushing… but it also forces her to come to terms with the fact that some things are beyond her control.

I found this book to be the best thing ever because it basically says “Shit happens , that`s life”. And for me, understanding that frees you up to have fun and take it all in stride.

Get this book if :

  1. You want to Enjoy Life More
  2. You want more peace
  3. You want to be free

Nugget of Wisdom :

Life is uncooperative, impartial, incontestable”


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2 comments on “Three Books That Changed My Life

  1. These all sound very interesting and I cannot wait to pick them up.
    I don’t know if there are any books that really changed my life. Lol. I enjoy reading a lot. From fictional to non-fictional I do enjoy. If there is one book I would suggest is “How to make friends and influence others”. Now I got the book as a teenager and never really took it on. Then some time last year I opened the book and slapped myself because a lot of the information presented I had to learn the hard way. I guess life taught me what the book had stated clearly. I would have saved myself a lot of heartache but I guess I can put that as experience.

    • I have never read that book you mentioned but I hear people speaking about it CONSTANTLY so I guess that means it`s an awesome book ! lolololol. Girl sometimes that happens eh, you may read something or hear some advice, but experience teaches you in a whole different way ! I am so EXCITED to hear you are planning to read these books though ! OMG I hope you like them !!!!!! <3 Please do let me know when you start reading them and send some of your thoughts on them I would love to hear someone else`s take/experience with these books ! #excited #lookingforwardtoit

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