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Hello therrrreeee !!!!Β  I`m writing to tell you about the Pilot run of my Aftershow. Many of you who follow my facebook page already know that I do a weekly Livestream on my Facebook page (typically an interview).

What I thought would be really fun is to have β€œThe Aftershowβ€œ – which is the uncensored, no holds barred show that happens when we end the public livestream on my facebook page.For those of you avidly following my page this will also not be a surprise to you .




Once the hour long public livestream ends on my facebook page, we head over to the Aftershow to get TURNT ! lololol.

In the weekly Live Show, I keep it β€œG” rated but in the aftershow I`m finna turn all the way up and showout. For those who have kids, this is when you might want to put on your earphones.Β 

But don`t worry, I will still be serving you reflective, soul healing, life transformation REALNESS in The Aftershow as well . As a matter of fact, one of the main things I want to do in the aftershow is really get into some life changing deep level discussions so we can level up our lives !!!

Things I want to discuss are healthy eating, fitness, improving finances, emotional health , enriching relationships etc. If you are excited about these topics and are ready to level up all these aspects of your life,Β  Β type β€œAMEN” in the comments !Β 



ForΒ  a special few personsΒ  !Β 



I plan to officially roll out the Aftershow in 2019 but I want to run a Pilot Season starting in the last week of July and ending in September. I am planning for this to be for only 30* persons. The tentative start date of the Aftershow is Sunday 29th July, 2018 .

(I said *30 because I may decide to let more persons in depending on how it goes. )

For the Pilot Season we will have the Aftershow with our interviewees after the Sunday Live Streams on my facebook page.

And for persons who join the Aftershow, I have a special Surprise, I am planning to have a very special person from Australia do an interview for the Year For Love Weekend in September. I will be doing a remote interview with her on Saturday 22nd September and I am hoping to have her on the Aftershow for you guysΒ  .

Want to be one of the first persons to check out the aftershow ? Click here to JOIN !!!!!!




So how am I planning to do the Aftershow ? The Aftershow will either be a closed or private group on Facebook.

You will be able to pay via credit card (Paypal)Β  or direct deposit (only available to persons in Trinidad and Tobago) , once yourΒ  payment is made a member of the Shanna Team will add you to the Aftershow Group on Facebook. And then the fun begins !!!!

Do you want to be one of the first persons to see what the Aftershow is about and gain lots of amazing insights on how to live better?

If you want to read more about the Aftershow click here, if you are ready to join the Aftershow click here to make your payment .


Are you ready for the fun ??? See you guys in the Aftershow !!!


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