Photo: C.R. Johnson



Soulless, Spineless, Sinister

Their usefulness I’ve yet to discover

Adding so little to humanity

But their existence we must suffer

Thoughtless thoughts

Meaningless steps


The sole virtue they possess

Unconsciously, irrationally, incessantly

…Always seeking the flesh

Minds? Logical processes?

Ask of them something less

Ugly little creatures,

With nothing inside

Every action insubstantial

Time after time

No reflection, no thinking

No wisdom do they know

Ever reaching, ever sinking

Deeper the destruction they sow

Rotting flesh, dirty skin

Diseased at the core

Scars rotting from crevices

Outgrowths of sins they bore

Every place they enter

They tear it apart

Indulgence is all they know

They have not courage, they have not heart

Who are these creatures

Surely you can see

Tall, broad, the “the stronger sex”

And lacking all divinity


2 comments on “MAN

  1. Societies use of hyper masculine constructs can be disastrous. I liked the poem.

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