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OUTFIT IDEAS: The White T-Shirt

5 Ways to Style a White T-shirt


Oh the White T-shirt! It’s that staple piece in all of our closets that’s right up there with our LBDs. But let’s face it, wearing a White T-shirt may require a little more styling than a coloured or patterned tee so that our outfit does not fall into the ‘drab’ category.

The White T-shirt exists not only as a wardrobe staple but it is one of the most versatile pieces that any girl can own. For some of us, the fit may be the most important characteristic whilst for others, it may the feel ( Yasssss…that soft, comfy feel might just be the tipping point for some of our White T-shirt purchases.)

However, once the purchase is done, here comes the styling aspect that can prove to be a headache. But, I encourage you to embrace the wardrobe diversity that a good White T-shirt has to offer. Just in case you do need some ideas on how to style your favourite white tee, here’s some inspo !!


Wear it as an alternative to a blouse in a suit.

Wearing a White T-shirt as the inner piece to a suit adds an edgy yet chic element to your professional look. Just be cautious to keep this look as clean and crisp as possible. You may choose to wear your White T-shirt either in or out of your suiting bottoms, depending on the nature of your field and accessories may be minimalistic to provide a simple yet sophisticated look.


Wear it with dressy trousers.

Made in top and pants perfection, this look takes the casual out of your White T-shirt and dresses it up a notch. You can remain comfortable in simplistic style whilst being the right amount of dressed up to transition from the day to night.


Wear it with a high-waisted skirt.

This is the dressy White T-shirt style staple. There’s something elegantly magical about a high-waisted skirt. Couple that with the chicness of a White T-shirt (don’t be afraid to roll up the sleeves a little) and you are set in casual, dressy heaven.


Wear it tied up with distressed jeans.

This is the perfect casually, tastefully, grunge look. It’s simple, easy and great for those run-around days where showing off your midriff and moving around in sneakers are okay. Additionally, tying up your tee diminishes wrinkles that you otherwise will have to stop to iron out and if you are in a hurry…I say no more.


Wear it with a scarf accent.

This look is perfect for date night or adding some flair to your casual look. You can feel free to couple this look with shorts and a patterned button-down shirt to pump it up a bit. I choose to transition my distressed jeans look by tucking in my tee, pairing it with heels and adding a cute scarf as an accessory. Either way, your simple White T-shirt with a scarf embellishment is a great stand-alone combination.

To say the least, a White T-shirt is a must have for all dressing seasons and style executions. If you have a white T-shirt let us know in the comments which of these looks you would try !


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Keisha Rodriguez is a fashion stylist who is internationally certified by Teen Vogue and Parsons university in the area of Fashion Industry Essentials. She is passionate about imparting her knowledge of style to help others understand the importance of dressing to create a great first impression and how to be confident with their personal style.




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    Excellent tips. Love all the combinations mentioned.

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    Simple elegance. Thank you for sharing these simple tips. A white Tee in a suit; with a skirt; Jeans and a scarf accent are definitely my choices.

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    I love love the first option, it goes so well with the yellow pants! 😍 Just followed you!

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