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This is the question I seriously asked myself in the last few weeks. For so many years now I have wanted to be making more money than I am making.Β  I think I`m intelligent, I think I understand math well enough to know how to calculate interest and savings, I have lots of great ideas, but I still don`t make as much money as I would like to make. Why is that??? What amΒ  I missing? What are the strategies or tools that others are using that I need to know to achieve what I want?

In the last few weeks I have seriously thought about this. And I got firm with myself, if I`m not getting the results I want, something has to change. I made a new resolve to change my situation.




For any of you who have been following me for a while, you would know that I do Interviews with people from all walks of life. I have been doing these video interviews for the last year, and prior to that I was doing those interviews in written form for my other website: http://www.theextraordinarypeople.com.


I do these interviews because I genuinely find these people interesting and I have fun chatting and engaging with them, sharing their stories and of course the audience participation as well. So in my phase of β€œgetting serious with myself”, I thought about how I could make these interviews that I do more valuable to my viewers. How could I take what I was already doing and enjoyed – The interviews – and amp it up so that I could help people make their lives better. What service could I offer to make their lives 10 times more awesome?

So…….in this state of pondering, I had an idea …….




The idea was to host special interviews with persons who have expertise in various fields in which I would like to improve. I am sure there are many persons in the same boat as me who want to earn more money, travel more, have more time for themselves and be able to spend more time with their families.



So I thought, why don`t I interview people who have achieved this, so that they can share with me and my audience, the tools and strategies they used to achieve their goals, so that we could learn and be able to achieve it too.

I decided for these interviews I wanted it to be in a private setting and that there should be a fixed number of persons in the group.

I am also excited to share that two persons who have been watching the interviews on my facebook page will be helping me on this endeavour. I am really excited to say I have a little β€œteam” that will be working on this project along with me.

I am so excited to learn along with you guys. I am excited to grow, share experiences, and continue my evolution into my amazing future self



For the first instalment we will be discussing “Money Mindset” with Business Coach Adanna Austin and I am looking for a maximum of 50 persons to join me on this fun and exciting adventure into living the life of our dreams.



This service is not free, it is priced at $30 US per month, to allow us to host someone phenomenal each month who can show us how to create the life we dream of . And FYI it is open to individuals in any part of the world . (Provided you are able to make payment online)

So …..Who`s with me ??????? I`m excited to add you to the group and I`m excited to talk with you, engage with you, learn with you and laugh with you. For more information on the group click this link.


If you are ready to sign up – Click here


Let`s Get this Party Started !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I`m ready !!!!!!!!!!!!!



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