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In this Interview with Kathryn Nurse, Founder of Luxury Cosmetics Line – Immortelle Beauty , Kathryn gives us an exclusive look into the Immortelle Brand. In the interview Kathryn shares with us

  • How she decided to become a Cosmetic Chemist 
  • Her Favourite Products from her line 
  • How she came up with the name for her brand 
  • The most luxurious beach she has ever been to , and more….

We even got a peak insider her lab and saw part of the process that goes into making one of the Immortelle Candles. I was her assistant for the night !!!!! If you ever wanted to know more about the Immortelle Beauty line this is the place to start. And you will probably laugh several times throughout the interview too !!!!

If you haven`t checked out Immortelle Beauty as yet, do yourself a favour and check out their website for their amazing line of body products: Immortelle Beauty


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