With all your limitations

With all your deep

Confounding contradictions

Some would have you believe

That there is a “normal”

That anything different

Is aberrant and “wrong”

Dismiss these notions swiftly

And accept all that is you blindly

Accept it all

As part of your infinite beauty

Every molecule selected for you specifically

Accept that you cry at the drop of a pin

Or that you loved that man

No one saw anything in

Accept your stubborn nature

That you find everything a bore

That no one understands

What you fight for

Accept your soft thighs

And your kinky hair

Love everything!

Hold it dear!

Accept the hair on your back

Accept your flat ass

Accept you aren’t shaped like an hourglass

Accept your pale skin

And the moles on your cheeks

That sometimes you are timid and weak

Don’t you see

Once inch is inseparable from the other

And all that you are

Is magic and splendor

A shooting star

A spirit so bright

Don’t deny any part of you

Don’t deny us your light



6 comments on “ACCEPT YOURSELF

  1. Its so factual, its describes the structure of an image . love it

  2. Tabita Roberts

    Love your poem. Unique habits and traits are what makes people interesting!

    • Exactly. Differences are what keep life new, fresh and ever evolving. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it ! 😀 😀

  3. Wow beautiful I love it.

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