First Apparel Collection !!!!!!!


FINALLY !!!!!!!!!! 

OH MY GOOOOODDDDDD !!!!!! It`s finally here and I get to share it with you !!!!! My Apparel Collection !!!!! I` m so excited I could explode. Do you know that feeling when you have gotten a gift for someone or planned a surprise that you know they`ll love , but then you have to live through the torture of keeping it a secret until it` s time for the reveal ? That`s exactly how I feel about this but thank heavens it` s time for the reveal.


Well I should actually say “collections” because there will actually be several different collections that I am going to release over the course of 2018. I`m really excited about the different collections and I hope you will stay tuned for them !!!!!!



There is a meaning and purpose to my collections. Each collection is saying something meaningful. Whether it is saying something motivational, meaningful or fun, it is supposed to enrich your life in some way.



The first collection which is available now, and I spoke about in my Live Youtube Channel Launch is called The Love Collection. It was inspired by my video with Conrad Parris where something very profound was articulated : “It is Impossible Not to Be Loved“. From there I came up with other quotes around the theme of love. When I speak about love here I am talking about it in a more universal context, but of course the basic premise of this can be related to any kind of relationship. So below you will find the quotes that are in the Love Collection so far and a little bit of the meaning behind each quote.



This is the quote that came out of the fun conversation I had with Conrad. We touched on some deep topics and during our discussion I said “It is impossible Not to Be Loved“. And by this I meant that sometimes we think that to be loved we have to act or behave in a certain way that is acceptable to others. And I don`t think that is true. I think that you just need to be yourself whatever that is and you will be loved. Love yourself, and others will love you too !!!!!!!

                                                   SHOP : It is Impossible Not To Be Loved


To love is to appreciate something as it is…to allow it/them to express itself freely. To me love and freedom are inextricably linked. To quote Maya Angelou : “Love Liberates”

SHOP : Love = Freedom




This follows from the previous quote. I think to truly love is to be free. To be free yourself and and to allow complete freedom for those who you love. Again, I think in a universal context everyone wants to  be free to be who they really are, and to be loved and accepted for who they are.

The wearer of this T-Shirt Embraces Freedom for themselves and wishes it for others.

                                                   SHOP : Be Free



You can see the entire Love Collection with various design options  here. I hope you resonate with some of these.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments and let me know which one you would wear !!!!! 



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