Okay so by this time it might be a little late to be deciding about Christmas gifts. BUT , the good news about the gifts on this list is that two of the three items listed I found at the drugstore so they would be really easy to pick up last minute. The third item is not drugstore, BUT , it is a REALLY nice gift and as far as gifts go and I think it`s still reasonably priced. So these are the “Beauty/Body care” items that I would love to have.

I decided to include the prices of the items with the shopping links at the end of the post. Do let me know if you found this helpful !



Okay so you know you are old when you want Spa Socks ! lolololol. I saw these a few weeks ago at the drugstore and my eyes immediately opened up really wide and I was like “OMG I want that”. When you are an adult comfort trumps everything. LOL. I just think these look so commmfffyy !! Great for when you are in bed all cozied up. My toes get cold quite easily so socks are really helpful sometimes. These look like just a soft and fuzzy pair ! Perfect for a “hygge” day or night.




Because who doesn`t want buttery soft skin? To be honest I am not someone who does a lot of body scrubs. But I want to get into it. It` s so nice to have smooth, even healthy skin no ? I`m into it ! So I` m interested in adding a periodic body scrub into my routine. Again I saw this a few weeks ago at the drugstore and the scent had me sold. This Scent along with the “Sweet Seduction” are absolutely beautiful. I feel like this would last me a whole year too because there is so much in the container. I would love to get this for Christmas !!!! 


 DKNY Be Delicious

This is one of my all time favourite scents !!!!  I can`t remember when was the first time I got this scent but it must have been at least 10 years ago. I LOOOVVEEEE ITTT !!! It` s just the perfect mix of fresh and fruity !!!! I love fruity scents !!! This scent is heaven to me . And isn`t the package beautiful ????  I`m working on getting my fragrance selection back in a gear so I need to add this beauty back to my set.

What do you think of my selections ???


Christmas Wishlist- Body & Fragrance 







1.  Dr. Scholl`s Spa Socks  $5.99 US 

2.  Bodycology Body Scrub – Sweet Seduction     $ 4.92 US

3.  DKNY – Be Delicious    – $30 US




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  1. I love be delicious – such a fresh pretty scent 🙂 x

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