Christmas Wishlist- Fitness Edition



I really enjoy exercising and moving my body. Exercise makes me feel energized, excited and alive. (Okay sometimes when a class is really hard I actually feeling I am dying, but in a strange way that makes me feel alive too , lol ).  If I don`t exercise for too long I start to feel low energy and like a sloth. The inertia can really make me feel weighed down and I hate that feeling  ! I like to feel alive and energetic !!!!

So this wishlist is some of the things that I would like to add to my “gym bag” for 2018, so I can be healthy and sexy !



One of the most important parts of exercising is having a proper sports bra !!!! Can I get an amen !!!!!?? I have been on the hunt for the last year or more for another of the sports bra that I currently use. It is from the brand “Milan” and it is the best Sports Bra I have ever used in my life. I have returned to the store where I bought it multiple times to see if I could get a second one but they never have my size. I have searched high and low for them online but to no avail. (If anyone knows where I can find them online let me know !!!!) How is it possible for a brand not to be online anyway? Must be some kind of reverse marketing strategy……and let me tell you it is working !!!!! I need another one !!!!!!  LOL. Anyway, since at the moment I have to find some other Sports bra, I figured this one from Victoria`s Secret looked pretty promising.  I` ll see if any other bras can live up to my Milan Bra.



I like to do a mix of cardio exercise and stretching exercising. Cardio is the part of exercising that really makes you feel alive and you can take on the world (HA ! ) .  Sometimes I will go for a run but I want to start trying a skipping rope because I think it`s a really easy way to increase your heart rate with minimal equipment or guidance, and you can do it basically anytime, anywhere . Here` s to skipping through 2018 like a boss  !!!!!!




It`s possible I didn` t pick the best picture for this product and you might not be able to tell what this product is just by looking at it . But it`s an arm band to put your phone in when you are exercising. Sometimes when I go for a walk or a run I have my phone and it is really annoying to have to hold my phone while running. Of course it might just be better to not have your phone at all when you are running, lololol, but for those days that I want to keep my phone on me, I would love to have one of these babies !!!


So that`s my roundup of the items I have on my wishlist in the fitness department.  If you know someone who is into fitness, these may actually be some good ideas for them for Christmas!!!   Would you want any of these items for yourself?  Let me know in the comments !


My Top 3 – Christmas Wishlist- Fitness 







  1. Adjustable Skipping Rope
  2. Incredible by Victoria Sport Front-close Sport Bra
  3. Phone Sports Armband


2 comments on “Christmas Wishlist- Fitness Edition

  1. That bra and armband actually really cool. The third would be some breathable underarmour fly leggings or slim leg joggers

    • Riiigggghhhttttt !!!!! Need that for my fitness game !!!!!! I swear you guys be schooling me though “breathable underarmour leggings”, don`t even know what that is !!!! But it sound fancy !!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAH

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