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International Christmas Giveaways & Youtube Launch !!!!!!!



Hi beauties. So if you are following this blog , or following me on facebook, you would already know that I am launching my youtube channel at the end of the year/beginning of 2018. It`s something I am really excited about as it will be a great way to share with you all of the different types of content that I want to share with you in one place.  For the moment, what I` m most excited about is the one on one in depth interviews I will be doing with interesting people. Talking to each person and finding out about them in a meaningful way and what they do. And I really want to try as much as possible to make sure the content is of a great quality.

You may have also have seen on my different platforms that I am celebrating this launch by having an online Launch Event. I`m going to do a live video with you guys as we kick off 2018 and this exciting new development. It`s going to happen on Monday 1st January, 2018 , and I` m really hoping that you join me for what is going to be a super fun time !!!!!  

Oh by the way, you know I love giveaways, so the celebration wouldn`t be complete without some giveaways !!!!! Check it out below !!!



Woooohhhoooo!!!!!! I`m going to be doing a Fenty Galaxy Giveaway as part of my live launch event and I` m super excited about it !!!! I hope you are too !!!! This is an international giveaway, meaning anyone in any part of the world is eligible. If you want to find out how to enter the giveaway , read this page. I will be giving away several products from the Galaxy Collection including the Eye Palette. Whoever wins this is very special !!!!!!



I was so excited for the online Youtube Channel launch that I decided I wanted to have more than one giveaway so I actually got some more gifts for you guys !!!!! Check out what I got !!!!!!



I love this lipstick set !!!!! For me it`s the perfect compliment of lipsticks I would use on a regular basis, a beige nude, 2 pink nudes, a bright red, dark red and a vampy red. Everything you need ! Plus you get an “Insta- Matte” product that transforms lipsticks into a matte finish. I`ve heard that smashbox lispticks are really good so I` m really excited about this prize. I would love to win it myself !!!!!




I know a lot of people really love Kylie Liquid Lipsticks and have raved about the quality. I have never tried them but the packaging won me over !!! It really is beautiful !!! This is also a pretty great colour selection, some nude colours, and some bright red-ish colours. The only one I might not use so much is the purple one, but it`s still a really great set !!!!!!!


So if you want to win you know what you have to do – RSVP to the online event and tune in on January 1st 2018 !!!!!!! See you then !!!!!!!! Check out the poll below and let me know which gift set you would want to win !!!! 




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4 comments on “International Christmas Giveaways & Youtube Launch !!!!!!!

  1. Wow thanks for rounding up all of these giveaways! I can’t wait to enter!
    Courtney ||

  2. Hi Courtney !!!!!!! Thank you for visiting my site! You have a lovely website !!!!! If you want to enter the giveaway you have to RSVP to the event - and join the Live stream on January 1st at 6:00pm Atlantic Time . I`ll be looking out for you !!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  3. I can feel it, Im so gonna win this time….muahahhahahahaha.

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