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I recently remarked to a friend that we live in an awesome time. My statement about the amazingness of life at the moment was predicated on the wide array of makeup that is available at a price point that literally ANYBODY can afford. (Did I just summarise the state of the world based on makeup prices- Yes I did )  We live in a time when it is truly possible to create a stunning beat face with $200 dollars ( 30 USD). I mean the sheer amount of makeup products that now are now available at almost universally accessible price points is mind blowing.

So before I get into the specific extremely affordable makeup brands that I like, I`m going to be specific in terms of what I am classifying as “affordable”. I know that the popular categorization of makeup at the moment is “high end” or “drugstore”- the latter being considered “affordable”. But for clarity, in this post I am talking about makeup that has a price point of $3US or less.

There are three brands I am going to highlight that have really great products at this delirious price point. I`m pretty sure many of you will know them already .


Super Affordable



1  .  JORDANA 

Jordana is one of the earliest makeup brands I can recall being aware of. And even thinking back to my memories of makeup years ago, I remember how affordable they were. (Jordana was one of those brands you could afford even when you were going to school . LOLOLOL). They have stayed true to their super accessible price point and they have some great products. Even now that I can afford more expensive makeup , I still buy Jordana and it`s one of the more popular brands in my makeup wardrobe. (Long live Jordana !!!!!!!) I mostly use them for eye pencils and lip pencils. I do like their lipsticks but wish they had sexier packaging.


2  .  LA GIRL 

LA Girl is a brand I started using many years ago as well. LA Girl has a slightly higher price point than Jordana but they have a range which starts from extremely affordable ($3US) . They have some extremely affordable products, like their Creme Lipstick  and Lipliners and then they have some products in the higher price range like these palettes and new makeup brushes  . Actually I think I want the large powder brush from this new brush offering …but I digress. They have maintained a good offering of their lower priced items . Some of my favourites from them are their lip products, I use a LA Girl lip liner almost every day and I love their Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick.  One of the cool things about the Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick is that you actually get lipgloss in the coloured cover of the lipstick. It`s such an unexpected and fun surprise !!!



Of the three brands I have highlighted, this is my most recent discovery and one of the most surprisingly good brands I have tried at such an affordable price point. (for some of the products). It is the least expensive of the bunch. I think some of their products cost as little as  $1 US. At the moment I use 2 of their brow products religiously as well as their lip pencils. Their Fuschia lip pencil made it to my top ten lip pencils list.


Do you guys have products from these brands?  What are some of the products you have? If you do let me know in the comments !!



Some of my favourites  : 

Shoppable Links

  1. Kleancolour Lip Pencil Fuschia 
  2. American Icon Eyebrow Palette
  3. Retractable Eyebrow Pencil
  4. LA Girl Matte Flat Velvet Stick – Snuggle
  5. LA Girl Lipliner Natural 
  6. Jordana 12 Hr Liquid Liner – Purple Fix

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