Hello Lovely People !!!! I hope you are doing great! This post is to share some exciting news with you !!!!! I`ve been deliberating on when to share this information with you and when would be the perfect time. But the perfect time is not coming and I am about to POP – so I think that means now is a good time to share ! LOLOLOL. I was considering telling you during one of the upcoming live makeup tutorials I will be doing starting this Sunday on my facebook page but then I figured we will be so focused on makeup that we will not have any mental space to think about anything else !!

So I decided I`m just going to tell you now !!! Ready for it ????? ……………….The surprise is …….I`m starting a Youtube Channel !!!!!!!!!  YYYAAASSSSS !!!!!! Somebody come pick me up from the floor because I just died of excitement. LOLOLOLOL.



So you probably want to know when it is going to launch right? On Monday 1st January 2018. It`s going to be an online launch event and I want you to celebrate this exciting project with me !!!!  You can join the event here .


So what can you expect on my channel? More of the same of what we`ve been doing in the last few months—– HAVING FUN !!!!! CAPITAL F – U- N. I will be doing interviews with interesting and awesome people like usual, we will have more giveaways and we are going to bring on stream some exciting new programs. (Like The Dating Show for example. )


I`m not going to give away too much now but if you have been watching any of my videos so far you know that I love to have fun and do exciting things ! So stay tuned for different elements of the Youtube Launch and READY YOURSELF !!!!

RSVP for the event so you can get updates as I add information. Consider this MY 2017 Christmas Present from me to you. (Okay it`s a 7 day late Christmas Present but better late than never !!!! )

Please see below for my current excitement level :


IS ANYBODY AS EXCITED AS I AM ????? !!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL. See you guys soon !!!!! It`s going to be Awweesssommmeeee !!!!!



10 comments on “SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT !!!!!

  1. Ria St Louis

    You see what I telling you? Yes this is great news but the way you hype me up I swear you were gonna tell us you’re expecting a Baby! Stop it 😂😂😂

  2. Wooow congratulations! Looking forward to your videos! 🎉🎉🎉

    • Hi Danica !!!! Thank you so much !!!! I look forward to chatting with you when I launch my channel and having lovely conversations !!!!!

      • I feel so much of your excitement in this post haha. What a great way for you to start the year!

      • I know right !!!!! I am waaaaayyyyy exciiitteeddd !!!!! ahahahahah. I think the GIF was extremely accurate ! LOL. Yes I`m going to start 2018 with bang !

      • Yaaas feelin it with all the “!!!!!!!!” in this post! Happy for you! 😆

      • Thank you !!! And looking forward to more of your beautiful paintings !!!!

  3. That day is my bday, Im super excited….congrats hun

    • OMG is it !!!!!!!! Happy Birthday in advance 😀 😀 😀 <3 <3 !!!! Hope you get a chance to come on the Live Stream during your birthday and join in the celebrations !!!!!!!!!

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