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My Top Ten Lip Pencils

Lip Pencils have a special place in my heart. As you can see in one of my  recent blog posts , there are many reasons why I LOVE lip pencils. And as I said in that blog post, I`ve been into lip pencils for a long time.


There will not be a lot of preamble in this post, I`m just going to get right into my top ten lip pencils and then talk a little bit about them. So here they are!!! My top ten lip pencils of all the lip pencils I own.


  1. La Girl- Natural
  2. La Girl- Natural Crème
  3. LA Girl Retractable – Natural
  4. La Girl Retractable – Nectar
  5. Kleancolour – Fushcia
  6. NYX – Nutmeg
  7. Revlon – Wine
  8. Absolute NY – Coffee Bean
  9. MAC – Bespoken For
  10. Colourpop – Bitchette


  1. La Girl- Natural – This is a beautiful brown nude pencil with a hint of pink. have  spoken about this pencil twice already and at the moment it`s   one of my “can`t live without it” make up products. I use it by itself, underneath my lipsticks or by itself with a little gloss on top. It just give my lips a lovely natural look.


  1. La Girl- Natural Crème – I like this pencil, it`s not out of this world but I had to pick 10   pencils so it made the cut. Lol. It`s similar to the “Natural” lip pencil just a little bit lighter


  1. La Girl Retractable – Natural – The retractable LA Girl Pencils have a slightly drier consistency than the wooden ones and (maybe as a consequence) have longer staying power. I love these ! I often wear these as lipsticks by themselves.  This colour is as the name says a “natural” colour but it is more pink than the wooden lip pencil from LA Girl of the same name.


  1. La Girl Retractable – Nectar – This was a recent purchase. When I first saw it I thought it was  an orange red but it turned out to be more orange than I expected and I LOVE IT ! This is ONE bright colour I can see myself wearing often.


  1. Kleancolour – Fushcia – This colour is just the loveliest pink. There is not much to say besides that I love this lip pencil (and it is sooooo affordable !!!!) . I love using this colour as a lipstick. I already  have plans to purchase a back up of this pencil.


  1. NYX – Nutmeg – For my complexion, this is another “natural” colour lip pencil.  But a little bit darker than my lips so you CAN actually tell that I have something on. It`s the lip pencil you use when you are going for that  “brown/earthy/natural” look.


  1. Revlon – Wine – Okay this is one of my Ride Or Dies !!!!! I`ve worn this shade  for about 5 years now. I think I actually discovered it in my  mother`s make up draw. I love it so much !!!! I`m really   impressed that I like this lip pencil so much and still do after all this time. Five years is a long time to stick with a makeup product considering how much makeup changes these days.


  1. Absolute NY – Coffee Bean – This is a dramatic colour, it is an almost black brown….and  I LOVE IT. This lip pencil has a great smooth consistency and amazing staying power. It`s one of my favourite lip pencils  in terms of the actual lip product itself, how it feel, how it applies and how it wears.


  1. MAC – Bespoken For – I can`t say that the texture of MAC lipsticks are my favourite  . However, I do love this colour and it is a necessary colour for  me as a dark oxblood red lip is a major part of my “going out” This lip pencil is a very dark red (almost black) which I require to line and prep my lip for the vampy look.


  1. Colourpop – Bitchette – I left this lip pencil for last because Colourpop is one of my  favourite lip pencils I have found in the last few years. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT !!!     .I love that the packaging is white instead of black, I love that it sharpens easily, I love the colour selection, I love how smooth the application is and I love the  rich saturated colour payoff.  This lip pencil is AMAZING. I have  it in the colour Bitchette which is somewhere in between a fire truck red and a wine coloured red, but I ended up with this colour because that was what the store I was at had at that time.  There are sooooo many more colours I want to try and I know I`m going to love many more of them. Can`t wait to add them to my collection.

Do you have any of these pencils? Let me know which of your lip pencils are your favourites in the comments.


See my 10 favourite lip pencils below and shoppable links. 





  1. L.A. Girl Lipliner – Natural
  2. L.A. Girl Lipliner Pencil- Natural Crème
  3. L.A. Girl Endless Auto Lipliner Pencil – Natural
  4.  L.A. Girl Endless Auto Lipliner Pencil-  Nectar
  5. Kleancolour Lip Liner- Fuschia
  6. NYX Slim Lip Liner Pencil -Nutmeg
  7. Revlon ColorStay Lip Liner – Wine
  8. Absolute New York Waterproof Gel Lip Liners – Coffee Bean
  9. MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil – Bespoken For
  10. Colourpop Lip Liner- Bitchette

5 comments on “My Top Ten Lip Pencils

  1. I would have guessed bitchette was black 😂😂

  2. Bad gal doesn’t use lip pencils… They are the most difficult piece of makeup known to me :'(
    -Jayelle (with the letters JL lol)

    • ahahahahhaahhahahhahahah. whhhhhaaaattttt?????? I find lip pencils are so easssyyyy though !!!!! Sometimes easier than lipsticks .


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