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5 Ways To Use Lip Pencils + Some of My Faves


Lip pencils…how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. In this post I am going to share with you some of my favourite lip pencils. But before I list some of my favourite lip pencils, I`m actually going to answer my opening question, and share all the ways that I love lip pencils. There are several different uses and techniques for using lip pencils and I` m going to talk about the ways that I use them.

1 . Defining Lips before putting on lipstick/lipgloss

I think this is probably the most  popular and original use for lip pencils. A simple outlining of the lips with a clear lip pencil or, one that is similar to the colour of lipstick of choice, or close to the colour of the lip. In the 90s`s, the trend was to outline the lip in a very dark colour so that you could actually obviously see that the lip was outlined. (See picture of Naomi) . I can` t remember if I tried this or not (I probably did) but now the trend is towards a much more natural lip liner colour. For outlining I use LA Girl -Natural and NYX -Nutmeg .



2  .  Outlining the Lips to achieve an “Ombre” Lip look 

I think most people would know what an ombre look is , but if not, and ombre look is when you have the gradual blending of one colour hue into another. With lips you can actually have a darker colour on the outline of the lips and have it blend into a lighter colour on the inside of the lips, or alternatively, you can have the darker colour on the inside and  lighter colour closer to the outside of the lips. If I do an ombre lip I usually do it with the darker colour on the outside. One of the lip pencils I use for that darker outline is MAC -Bespoken For . Here is a good tutorial for how to do an ombre lip with some lip pencil and lipstick combinations as well >> Ellarie Ombre Lips



3. Underneath Lipsticks to increase the Wear Time 

To do this you line the entire lip with a lip pencil in a  colour that is close to the colour of your lips, then you apply the lipstick of your choice over the lipliner. You may need to consider that depending on the lip pencil and lipstick that you use, you may unintentionally change the colour of how the lipstick appears on your lips. For me I do this mostly with nude colours so that there is only minimal alteration to the appearance of the lipstick. Right now I use the LA Girl – Natural lip pencil and one my favourite lipstick colours- Milani- Teddy Bare 


4 . Underneath Lipstick as  Base to Increase Colour Saturation

This works especially well with liquid lipsticks . I especially like to do this with vibrant colours and deep colours, it`s not a technique I use so much with nude colours. You line the entire lip with a lip pencil that is close in colour to the colour of the lipstick that you are going to use. This reduces patchiness and creates a more saturated, opaque and uniform appearance  when you apply the liquid lipstick. One of the lip pencil – liquid lipstick combinations I use to do this is MAC -Bespoken For  lip pencil and Milani- Liquid Lipstick – Sugar .  I used a picture of myself to show you an example of this one ! 


5 . As A Replacement for Lipstick 

I`ve used lip pencils as lipstick replacements  for years now. For me lip pencils were the original “matte lip”.  Sometimes I prefer to use lip pencils as lipsticks instead of lipsticks for several reasons. They can be easier to apply, with less chance of running and bleeding, they transfer less and a lot of times they last on the lips longer than regular lipstick. BONUS: A lot of lip pencils are less expensive than lipsticks, so you can get more colours and varieties in lip pencils without spending as much money. I actually also like that in most cases you get less product, because there are so many times when I buy a lipstick and don` t end up finishing the whole thing. I will do a separate blog post where I talk about the lip pencils that I think work amazingly as lipstick replacements. In this picture I am wearing Jordana- Sedona Red on my lips.

Do you own any of these lip pencils or lipsticks?  I want to know !!!!



Here are all the different lip pencils (and  lipsticks) I mentioned above:






  1. LA Girl Lip Liner – Natural 
  2.  NYX Slim Lip Pencil – Nutmeg 
  3. MILANI Colour Statement Lipstick in Teddy Bare
  4. MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil – Bespoken For
  5. MILANI Liquid Lipstick – Sugar
  6. Jordana Easyliner Lips – Sedona Red 

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