Makeup Tutorials Coming in November and December 2017



Hi Guys !!!!

I wanted to let you know what`s happening from November to December of this year in terms of videos. I`ve decided to resume the live videos because I think we have so much fun doing them.



BUT for November and December I`ve decided to focus on makeup tutorials !!!!  Let`s be clear though, I will not be the one doing the tutorials , lolol. Lord knows my makeup skills are not that advanced . I will be parterning with one MUA for November and another MUA for December to show you guys how to create some beautiful make up looks.

My aim is for us to get ready for the Christmas Season together . You know Christmas is a time when there are family parties, staff parties, Old Years parties and lots of events in between.

So I was thinking we could look at some different looks for us to do for the Christmas Season. Maybe you will even get some great gift ideas if you know some makeup lovers. And we will definitely have some giveaways !!!!



…With two things:

  1. Make up Look Suggestions 
  2. Tutorial Models 




I want you to upload some makeup looks that you would love to do on yourself to my facebook page. I am looking for natural looks, dramatic looks and colourful looks. This will be a fun group activity and then I can decide which looks we will use for the tutorials. Anybody anywhere in the world can post these !!! (I think I will try to make them into an album on my page) .



I want some of you to be my tutorial models !!!!!    . Exciting !!!!!! So far I have 7 tutorial days planned and I will need one person for each tutorial. If you are interested in being the model for this video, please go to this page , submit your information and select the day that will be convenient for you (please only select one day).  The first person to submit their information for that day is who I will call to confirm that they will be the model for that day. Who`s ready to get their makeup done !!!!!! OMG … exciting !!!!!!! Can`t wait to see which one of you will be my models.

Please Note: The tutorial model spots are only open to persons in Trinidad. 


Makeup tutorials will be live every Sunday evening on my facebook page starting on Sunday 5th November, 2017 and ending December 2017. I look forward to seeing you guys and having fun with these tutorials together !!!!! See you guys in a few weeks for the start of the tutorials !!!!!!  You can start posting the makeup looks you want us to do now on my facebook page.  >>>> Facebook- Ashanna


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