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What I Would Actually Get From Sephora



This is a really short post to follow on from my last post where I told you which Fenty Beauty products I would buy if I won my own $100 US giveaway from Sephora. But as I said in that post, I wouldn`t buy so much makeup if I won that giveaway because I already have a lot and I would feel overwhelmed by how much make up I have . lololol.

So this post is what I would ACTUALLY buy if I won my own giveaway this friday of $100 US to shop at Sephora.



1 . CLEAN – Cool Cotton Body Lotion  $26

For the last few months I have had two creams that I have used when going out. One for day time and one for night time. The last one that I had that I was using as the day scent was a Victoria Secret Scent but I do also appreciate a really crisp and clean scent as well. It just makes me feel fresh and free and summery. So that`s why I selected this cream from the Sephora site. This is a bit risky because I `ve never tried this scent before but based on the description I would get this and hope I like it. lolol.


2 . FRESH –  Sugar Ultra-Nourishing Body Oil – $48

Sometimes I like to use body oil on my skin instead of lotion. I think it helps to lock in moisture, makes skin smooth, and gives it a healthy glow and sheen. I also sometimes use the oil on my face, which I find creates a nice glow on its own, or is a great step to add if you`re going for a really “glowy” makeup look. Since my Neutrogena Body Oil is almost finished I would get a replacement. Risky again as I`ve never tried this one before but hopefully I would like it. Eeeep.


3 . HOURGLASS –  Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Lipstick –   $34

I would definitely get this luxury lipstick. I am a sucker for beautiful packaging and this is just elegant and lovely. And in my opinion, the best time to get a luxury item is when someone else is paying for it LOLOLOL. I can seriously see myself pulling out this statement lipstick during an evening out and having it look as elegant as all the other aspects of my outfit. Love it. I would definitely get it in a colour that I would use frequently as well. From the swatches I see on the website it looks like I will like the nude colours: “I`ll Never Stop” and “I Woke Up”


If you won $100 US to shop at Sephora but you couldn`t get Fenty Beauty Products (abomination)…what would you buy? 



Sephora Selections :



  1. CLEAN – Cool Cotton Body Lotion
  2. FRESH- Sugar Ultra-Nourishing Body Oil
  3. HOURGLASS- Confession Ultra Slim Lipstick


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  1. Teri Maloney

    As a Caribbean woman it would be nothing short my absolute pleasure to be a part of this venture that’s about to take over the world with pride!
    #Sephora #fenty #coolbeauty #islandgirl #pride #ruletheworld

  2. Urban decay troublemaker mascara $24.99 Huda beauty 3D highlighter palette $45.00 Lancôme made of energie glow kit $35.00 smash box try it kit primer $29.00 Marc Jacob frangeances daisy rollerball trio $45.00 Becca x Chrissy teigen glow face palette $46.00 Clinique 3 step skin care combo $47 are some great ideas 💡 for the gift certificate also ladies

  3. Anything skincare wise will always be a plus in my view cause I have oil skin as well as my skin super sensitive

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