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Surprisingly Awesome Makeup Products


Firstly- Acceptance of my Makeup Addiction 

I think I already fully disclosed that I am excessively and unnecessarily preoccupied with makeup (just check out my Pinterest Board for evidence), so I trust that I will be excused for all future million and one makeup posts (there will be MANY). I will move forward writing as many makeup posts as possible with no remorse. ahahahhahaha.


Now- Surprisingly Awesome Products 

So …..let`s get to it then. This post will be about some products that were much more awesome than I expected them to be. Products that I bought on a whim or that I planned on buying but didn`t have extremely high expectations for them. (Now that I just wrote that, that makes no sense…..why would I buy products that I don`t have high expectations for ?……hmmmm….I guess I `m just curious sometimes….and that`s okay )


Here are 5 products that I`m using right now that are definitely more awesome than I expected. I explain why I love them so much, and I`ve added the shopping links down below !!! Enjoy !!!! Let me know if you have any of these products as well and if you love them as much as I do !!! 


1.    Absolute New York Cover Stick 

This one was a planned purchase. Initially when I saw them my thinking was that it would be a great purse sized foundation stick to leave in my handbag for when I wanted to do touch ups on the go. Then I tried them, fell in love, and ended up buying three different shades. They are smooth and creamy, just the right weight and easy to blend.  I use these almost every day. I mostly use them to cover dark spots and even out my face, but I also use the lightest shade as a concealer and it is heavenly. The three shades I have are : Truffle, Milk Chocolate and Toasted Almond. Get yourself some of these , you will love them ! Come back and tell me what you think ! (Okay, only buy one at first just to see if you like it, then you can buy more, lololol)


2. Wunderbrow 

This is one of those weird products where you wonder “What the hell is this?” when you first see it. It just looks like some strange coloured cement-like goop in a container. But sometimes…….. looks can be deceiving. Don`t judge a book by its cover in this case, this thing is MAGIC. I saw Tati Westbrook (Popular Youtuber) raving about this and that` s how I ended up purchasing it.    And I`m so glad I did !!!! I saw another blogger write about this product: “just ditch all your other brow products now“…..and I have to say , that is not an exaggeration. I personally think it is that good !!! It comes in several colours and I think I have the colour Brunette. It keeps your brows in place all day, but the product`s consistency is such that once applied right you can achieve a very natural looking brow. That` s quite a feat : brows stay in place for 24 hours (and I`m sure even longer depending on the amount of product you use) AND look natural and feathery.  I see myself repurchasing this product over and over



3. L`Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara

I`ve spoken about this mascara already in a previous post. Basically after using this, I think I`m never going back to normal (non waterproof) mascara ever again .   It`s that serious . Waterproof mascara just makes life so easy !!!!! This one does a lovely job of everything- separating, volumizing and giving a hint of a curl. I`m impressed !!!


4. NYX Butter Lipstick

Another unplanned purchase, but I`ve seen many positive reviews about this product online. I decided to buy it even though I`m not a fan of the packaging. I love this lipstick !!!!! Butter is just the right name for it – it`s so buttery and soooffffttt !!!    It also has a nice scent (Vanilla?).  It doesn`t last that long on the lips though, but I don`t mind. I bought the colour “Tan Lines” and luckily I picked a good colour as it is a lovely beige nude on me. Definitely recommend getting one of these.


5. Rimmel Colour Rush Lip Balm 

This one was totally unplanned but I was looking for a jumbo lip crayon for a makeup experiment. This lip crayon is lovely !!!!!! I love it so much !!!! It`s moisturizing, gives a lovely colour pay off but is not too opaque , which makes for slightly played up “nude lip” (at least with the colour I purchased : Make Me Blush). Oh and it also smells yummy- I would say like marshmallows. I actually was not a Rimmel fan before but this product has opened me up to the possibilities of Rimmel-lolol.

Check out these surprisingly awesome products below and see the links below for purchase if you want to try them yourself. Let me know if you liked them too !!


Shop Products :



  1. Absolute New York Cover Stick
  2. Wunderbrow Brow Gel, Brunette
  3. L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Waterproof Mascara
  4. NXY Butter Lipstick – Tan Lines
  5. Rimmel Colour Rush Lip Color Balm- Make Me Blush



4 comments on “Surprisingly Awesome Makeup Products

  1. You have awesome taste you know…..the loreal voluminous is the booomb ……reading this was very interesting though

    • I know right !!!!! The L`Oreal is aaawwwesssommmmeee !!! Waterproof mascara foreevveeerrr !!!! Which ones did you find interesting ? Do you think you will try any of these? 😀

  2. Love Wunderbrow. Its one of my essential products x

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