The Truth

“The truth is you are already free

The truth is you have more than you need

A thought is all that separates you from your dreams”  

– Ashanna


The truth


The Truth About Happiness

I was not planning to write this post but I ended up here while thinking about my upcoming interview with Fashion Stylist Stephanie Ramlogan this Sunday. I know initially the heading of this post and the phrase “fashion stylist” don`t seem to go together but hear me out.

After looking at Stephanie`s work and meditating on it for a while, I ended up thinking about some deep TRUTHS of life. (Not sure how I got there but I will try to explain).

Stephanie is a Fashion Stylist and Blogger. What inspired me is the way that she wants to use her work as a fashion stylist and in the fashion industry to help women become confident in who they are, as well as contribute to the well being of all the people and other animals that live on the planet.

It got me thinking about purpose, happiness and fulfilment. I have come to believe that the only way to be truly fulfilled is to find some way to make your work about helping others.


The Truth About Change

It also got me thinking about the world we are living in vs the kind of world we would like to live in. And it only serves to remind me of a point I have made before – the point being that the world we would like to live in already lives inside of us, all we have to do is bring it out.

Stephanie`s story served as a reminder to my own beliefs. Fashion is sometimes seen as an industry that is wasteful, vacuous and detrimental to the planet in several ways. But by observing Stephanie and what she is doing , it underscored my own beliefs, which is that for something to change, it has to change from the inside.

As someone who is in the fashion industry ,  she is transforming it from the inside out.


The Truth About Life

It`s a great metaphor for life. If you want to change anything, start with yourself, become the thing that you want to create, and see how your transformation affects everything around you and attracts more things just like you.


What is Your Truth ?

So what do you want to create?

What do you want more of?

Are you willing to become it?



Join Me For the Interview with Stephanie ! 

Hope you enjoyed this short post. I`m really looking forward to my interview with Stephanie. You can check out her website here and you can tune in to my interview this Sunday on my facebook page here. You can watch from anywhere in the world !!!! Yay !!!


DATE & TIME:  this Sunday (August 27th) at 10:00am Atlantic Time.

I will be talking with her about

  • Fashion Tips and Pointers
  • How she overcame self esteem issues and helps others overcome theirs through fashion
  • What inspired and inspires her awesome blog : No More Fashion Victims
  • And what inspires her drive to have a positive impact on the world through fashion

And I`ll also be taking questions live during the interview. Come join us  !!!!!

I`ll be looking out for you !! 



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