International Gift Voucher Giveaway !!!!!

Who Loves Giveaways ???!!!!!!!!!!! 

I do !!!!!! I hosted a giveaway for the month of June and it was such a blast !!!! Did you see it ? We picked the winners live in our live interview and it was so much fun !!!! You can watch it here. (The giveaways start at minute 56 of the video. )

So for my next giveaway , I have decided to give away a gift voucher so you can shop online and buy some awesome stuff !!!!  I want it to be  from an internationally known store and it will be an international giveaway. Meaning anyone in any part of the world can enter !!   .

(**Gift will be shipped to winner once it is feasible)


Help Me Pick the Prize 

What I want you guys to help me with is which store it should be . Which store should I give the Shopping Voucher for ? The options are Sephora, H&M and Amazon.

Tell me which store you want by voting in the poll on my giveaway page here.







The value of the gift voucher will be  $100 USD. ( **I may decide to increase this figure before the draw) . Please note, to be entered into the giveaway, you have to be on my newsletter. You can join the newsletter by clicking on the “Newsletter” tab of the website. I am so excited to do this giveaway and see which store you guys pick !!!!! I have realised that giveaways make me really happy !!!  It truly makes my heart glad to be able to share all these awesome things with you. I think I end up just as happy as the people who win the giveaways !!! 




It would actually be really fun to see which part of the world the people who enter are from.  If you decide to enter, can you write a comment on this post saying what country you are from so I can see the different countries who have entered? That would be super cool !!


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2 comments on “International Gift Voucher Giveaway !!!!!

  1. Avalon johnson

    Since most of us are makeup babies we would end up picking Sephora

    From sweet Trinidad and Tobago

  2. I know right !!!! Everybody is make up obsessed right now !!!! Including myself. lolololol. 😀

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