Getting to Know Me Interview – Pt 1

I did my second live interview on the 5th of this month. If you follow me on facebook or instagram you would have seen that a while back I asked people to submit questions to me so that I could do an “About Me” video. I answered all of the submitted questions in this video and it turned out AWESOME !!!!! I had so much fun !!!!! Thank you guys so much !!!! You can see the video here.

One of the things I liked about doing the “About Me” video in this format (where you submitted questions) was that I didn`t end up answering boring,  “run of the mill” questions.

Conrad and I exchanging a High Five being really pleased with how the interview turned out !!! 😀

I`m really happy with how it turned out. It was reflective, deep, illuminating and lots of fun! I really enjoyed the tone and texture of this interview and I`m looking forward to doing more in this vein. Check out the list of questions I answered below and check out the video to see my answers. I included the minute in the video at which I answered the question- in case you want to skip to a specific question.



1. What is the biggest regret you have had since leaving Univerity?  @ 6:15

2. What is your biggest fear ?                                                                    @ 10:00

3. How did you come to the realisation that there is a connectedness/connectivity of life that you embrace and that we should all embrace?                      @17:00

4. What is the one thing you would change about your body?              @23:00

5. What keeps you motivated and joyful ?                                                @ 31:00

6. What is the one thing you would change about your personality?  @ 37:00

7. What is beauty to you? What separates someone who is beautiful from others? @ 41:00

8. Do you think that someone that cheated once can be faithful in a relationship? @47:00

9. Do you think beautiful females at some level resent their beauty as they are never sure if interactions in their everyday life are solely based on their good looks? @54:00

10. Who is your biggest local celebrity crush?                 @59:00

11. Who is your biggest International Celebrity Crush ? @ 1:03:00

12. Who is your biggest celebrity crush that would make people shake their head and wonder why? @ 1:05:00

13. What was it like participating in and winning the Miss Trinidad and Tobago Pageant as compared to the International Miss World Pageant? @ 1:11:00

14. What`s the next big thing for Ashanna Arthur?                       @ 1:29:00

There is something in particular that I really liked about this interview as well, but I`m going to talk about that in the next blog post or else this post will turn into a novel.

Hope you guys liked this video. Let me know which question(s) interested you the most.

Byyyyeee !!!!      

Chat soon  xo.




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