How To Always Be Happy

Spoiler Alert: It`s easier said than done. lol.

What is Happiness? 

I came up with several different names for this blog post and I really wasn`t sure which one to choose. In the end I just decided on one of the titles, but the title is less important than the message I want to convey.

And the message is that I think it is possible for all of us who are alive at this time to live a happy life. By “happy” I don`t mean the happiness we attain by gaining material things, or the happiness of pleasure, which can be fleeting. I mean a more deep, abiding and consistent feeling of wellbeing and groundedness.

I know that some people may think in response to that, “it`s not possible to be happy all the time”, or “should I be really happy if something terrible happens?” I am not saying that we will never encounter  difficult situations in life, or that at times life may not be extremely challenging. But with the right mindset, a “challenge” can be seen as an opportunity to grow and expand. That expansion may be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. What I`m talking about is being able to access the inner state of groundedness that allows you to use a difficult situation in service of your growth.

Are your beliefs limiting your opportunities for happiness? 

I think the ability to do this comes down to an individuals perceptions and beliefs. If you believe for example, that you can only be happy if you get 5 million dollars, then you lose millions of seconds and minutes wishing to be a millionaire.  You lose a million opportunities to be happy now while waiting for an external situation to manifest. So many seconds and minutes that could be filled with joy! Why should I waste any moment of this precious life?!

Allow yourself to experience the joy that is available in every moment of life.

And what about if you become a millionaire? And then someone steals all of your money. What will happen then? Will you go back to being unhappy? In this way we become boats tossed about on the sea of life, instead of a clearly steered boat, using the winds to help us move forward.

I am also not saying that we should not want or desire things.  I`m suggesting that leaving ones wellbeing to external circumstances can be limiting to our own experience of life and to our growth. This is because there is always a possiblity that external circumstances may not line up with our personal desires.

Instead, I have found that true happiness, peace and power comes from maintaining a practice of finding the potential positives in every situation. In confronting each situation, and asking yourself how you have contributed to it, and how you can learn from it.

Practice, Practice, Practice . 

This is a life`s work. And I believe if this practice is continued over time, it will result in an individual who is extremely resilient and buoyed by life. Someone who is happy and ready to embrace and face all the moments of their life.

Don`t think I`m saying this is easy. Even though I write these words, I don`t purport to be a master of this practice.

But I believe this is the only way to become the true master of yourself, and the alchemist of your life.


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