A Magical World

I was out to dinner recently with some friends when the topic of the state of our country came up.

We discussed specific things about the country that we thought were in a less than ideal state and how these things could be improved.

This conversation brought me back to the never ending reminder to myself  “We don`t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are”.

It`s such an interesting concept to have and to hold as you look out into the world. How much of what we perceive is due to our own bias, and how much are we unconsciously ignoring because of these biases? When I consider how many things I may be missing due to my own perceptions, the ramifications of this concept fascinate me.

As cliche as it sounds, I have found that every day can be absolutely wonderful (okay almost every day, lol) , if you find the right lens through which to view it. How you perceive the world dictates how you experience the world.

Thinking about this gave me the idea for my first blog post. I would like to reflect on all the things about the world that we live in that are absolutely wonderful. Just to bring some balance to all the thoughts about things that we think are “wrong” with the world.

I would like this post to be really interactive, so if you are reading this, please respond with your comments !

I`m going to tell you what I love about my life, and you tell me what you love about yours . Deal ?

What I love about my life: I`m healthy, live in a beautiful place, and I`m surrounded by kind and loving people.

I also love the fact that I live in a time where it`s so easy to connect with other people all over the world through the internet, and there are so many resources available to us to create whatever we want….crowd-sourcing…, technology.

What do you love about your life? Take a few minutes now to think about that and appreciate it . Comment below and let me know what you came up with .

Looking forward to your comments !!!

4 comments on “A Magical World

  1. What i love about my life is,. Good food, good friends,waking up every morning to knowing that i am safe . Also the smiles and laughter and being free to do what i want and even and if i do make mistakes everyday is another chance to get it right

    • Hi Maria !!!!! Thanks so much for sharing !!!!! I love your points ! Good food and good friends !! What more do you need ? 😊. What part of the world are you in ?

  2. Hi Ashanna …I’m from Trinidad😊

    • ahahahah. Cool !!!! Thanks for commenting!!!! Hopefully I will meet you in person in the future. 🙂

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