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Derval Barzey Make Up Artist -
Photo: Leslie Robertson Toney

Derval Barzey- Make Up Artist 


When did you start doing Makeup?

I started playing with the idea of being a make-up artist back in 2010.


How old were you then?

I would have been about 21.


Were you working then, were you at school?

I had just finished my degree at UWI (University of The West Indies) and was looking for a job. I had gone to Texas for the July August vacation and I went into Sephora for the first time and I remember my first purchase was an Urban Decay Primer Potion because that`s what all the YouTube gurus were using at the time, so I felt like I was so in the game having acquired one. It was a point where you`re just trying to figure out your life, figure out your space in the world. You`re kind of wondering “Well what next?” You`re trying to be an adult. *Laughs*.

Derval Barzey Make Up 7
Photo: Cecil Evans

My first introduction to make up came a bit earlier with a vocational course. You`re basically learning to apply makeup on yourself. After that I started to do it on my friends. Then I started to get immersed in YouTube and the whole online community and also I started networking with local makeup artists who were starting up around the same time.

“I went into Sephora for the first time and I remember my first purchase was an Urban Decay Primer Potion, because that`s what all the YouTube gurus were using at the time, so I felt like I was so in the game”



Can you remember any key moments when you noticed something in your technique shifted and it took your artistry to a new level?

While it might be hard to say the exact point that it occurred, I think what really took my artistry up was when I started to focus on skin. That starts with skincare. Then recognizing what kind of skin the person has, using primer etc. When you start doing make-up you have your 120 palettes and you want to use the 120 colours. *Laughs* But I think in evolving as a make-up artist I realised skin is what really makes a difference. And that`s where my artistry kind of changed because it was less emphasis on being artistic and creative on the eyes, unless that was demanded, and more focusing on making the skin flawless. Prepping the skin, matching the foundation, setting the makeup. Making sure it`s seamless. That has been to me a real defining moment.


“I think what really took my artistry up was when I started to focus on skin.”



Do you have a favourite look that you like to do?

 I love doing bright lip colours. Over the years I have encouraged so many women to wear bright colours. I`m all about the bold statement lip. I also like doing Carnival make-up. That is where I get to be very expressive. I get to use all the bright colours, all the glitter and the dramatic lashes because generally make-up tends to be a bit understated, unless you`re going to something glamorous, or it`s some sort of shoot that wants that. Your average client just wants to look pretty, look beautiful. Apart from the smoky eye, there`s not much drama.


Do you have any favourite looks from your portfolio?

I do. I`ve had really good experiences collaborating with J. Angelique. I`ve done a couple shoots with them and getting to work with her designs and then the photographers that she would have worked with like Cecil Evans. That collaboration has produced some really great images and working with models like Greer Iton for example. But that has really been an exceptional experience for me, working on her shoots.

Also Carnival. And the brides I have done throughout the years. I really like doing brides.


Derval Barzey Make Up 5
Photo: Cecil Evans

One of Derval`s favourite looks from her portfolio


Who are some local and international make-up artists that inspire you?

Locally I must mention Arlene Villarule. Her ability to transform and to really bring out that inner Diva. Also Jaumark (Jaupierre) and Natalie Simone-Miles. Internationally Pat McGrath, Mario Dedivanovic, Sam Fine, Roshar and Kabuki.


You mentioned that you are also passionate about the environment, so do you see yourself doing both? Being involved in environmental work and being a make-up artist?

Make-up is definitely one of my passions but I also see myself making a contribution in other spheres as well. I`m passionate about sustainability. My academic background is in Environmental Management and I`m now pursuing a Masters in Sustainable Energy. That centres around sustainable development, environmental protection or management, renewable energy etc.


What are your plans for the future as a Make Up Artist?

I just want to continue creating beautiful images. I`m looking forward to rebuilding my portfolio. I want to work with other talented persons in the field. Photographers, designers. That`s on the horizon for me, just creating beauty, or I should say capturing beauty, because it`s embodied in the person and you just bring it out.


“I just want to continue creating beautiful images.”



Derval`s Recommendations: 

What would you say are some essential everyday make up items for  any woman?

Definitely you need to commit to a skincare regime for your skin type. Invest in a really good primer so your makeup will last. A nice shade of lipstick, I like reds and oranges right now. Something like MAC Russian Red or Ruby Woo. Being into make-up you see all the trends come and go and I`ve reached a point where I no longer get caught up in the hype of the products because you realise everyone has their own spin on the basics. I mean there are probably a million shades of pink or red but it`s basically about finding one that you like. I mean once you have the basics-a pink, a red, a nude There are so many variations to that you can go insane but I would advise you not to. MAC-Mocha is my favourite nude for myself and I also like MAC- Girl About Town. I would also recommend a good blush.  NARS Taj Mahal is very good, which I recommend to everybody.

arm2universally-flattering-colors-01e317ccff5ae9913a1bab8b2859487203Nars Taj Mahal Review

Ruby Woo               Mocha           Girl About Town      NARS-Taj Mahal

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